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SMS Audio’s Street by 50 DJ Headphones review


sms503A musician putting their name on a pair of headphones is nothing new, but 50 Cent’s effort with the Street By 50 DJ headphones is as distinctive as the man himself.

Manufactured by SMS Audio, the Street by 50 DJ headphones are the result of musician Fifty Cent aka Curtis Jackson’s desire to create a better sound.

“There has to be something better – if I couldn’t find it, I wanted to create it,” 50 Cent says on the product brochure inside the Street by 50 DJ headphones box.

And for what he set out to achieve, 50 Cent certainly succeeded and the result are high performance headphones which have been professionally tuned.

He identified three areas – sound quality, style and toughness.

The SMS by 50 DJ Headphones

In terms of sound quality, the music heard through the Street by 50 DJ headphones is rich and clear with a solid satisfying bass component.

What gets these headphones to this level are the professionally tuned 40mm drivers on board that deliver the lightest note to loudest crash without discrimination.

Second on the 50 Cent list is style and, again, this box is definitely ticked.

The Street by 50 DJ headphones have a design all of their own that is both attractive and practical.

The SMS by 50 DJ Headphones have passive noise cancellation and articulated hinges on each side

Available in black or grey, the headphones are also built for comfort with luxurious soft headband and ear cup memory foam padding.

And being DJ headphones, it’s easy to swing an ear cup off your ear thanks to the articulated hinges so you can hear what’s going on around you while still being able to hear the music in the other ear.

Another thing the Street by 50 DJ headphones design offers is passive noise cancellation.

Passive means no power is required for headphones to cut off most of the ambient noise.

The SMS by 50 DJ Headphones have comfortable ear cups padded memory foam for comfortable wear

It achieves this with the tight seal the foam-covered ear cups provide when you’re wearing them.

When we were listening to music we couldn’t hear a thing.

Bystanders can’t hear what you’re listening to either so you won’t be one of those people playing their music loud enough for everyone within a five metre radius to hear.

Last on 50 Cent’s list is toughness and the Street by 50 DJ headphones are strong enough to handle constant use every day.

They are made from rugged plastic that can be twisted and turned without the risk of snapping them.

But despite the sturdy construction, the headphones still come with a protective hard shell carry case.

The SMS by 50 DJ Headphones offer great sound, impressive design and sturdy construction for everyday wear

What also comes with Street by 50 DJ headphones are two cords.

One is a longer coiled DJ cord and a straight cable with an in-line microphone and remote control so it can be used with any smartphone.

Another cool feature is the ability to plug the audio cable into either the left or right ear cup depending on the listener’s preference.

And because it offers passive noise cancellation instead of active noise cancellation there is no need to power it with batteries.

One thing we would have liked to see included with the headphones is an airline audio adaptor to make it easier for users to enjoy the great sound and noise cancelling abilities on a flight.

If you’re a fan of music and want to hear your favourite tracks anywhere then the Street by 50 DJ headphones certainly fit the bill.

They already have 50 Cent’s seal of approval and will win yours too.

Street by 50 DJ headphones

Price: $299.95

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