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Sonos wireless Sub review


sonossubthumbSonos music system owners already have a deep love for the product but the new subwoofer which can be wirelessly integrated into set-up will make them love it even more.

The Sonos Sub looks like a large letter “o” and can be positioned upright or on its side.

And being a non-directional speaker, the Sub can be positioned anywhere in the room while still enjoying the added dimension to your music. It can even be positioned under a couch.

Typical of any Sonos product, set-up is remarkably simple – just one press of the sync button on the side of the Sub and it’s connected.

The only cord, which needs to be connected, is the power cord.

And after a quick step-by-step calibration, you’re ready to go.

Now we can account for the quality of the music that comes from the Sonos Play :3 and Play :5 speakers – it’s excellent.

But with the addition of the Sonos Sub to the system, it’s twice as good with an added depth and dimension to the music.

The Sonos Sub adds another dimension to the already high quality audio output of the wireless Sonos speakers

The resulting sound quality was exceptional. It was like adding another instrument to an already talented orchestra.

If you love added base in your music then you’re going to adore the Sonos Sub.

But the Sub added textures we never knew existed to our music in the mid and lower end.

Hearing the extra scale in the music our first tendency was to nudge up the volume – which we did.

While we didn’t have the neighbours banging on our door, it did get pretty loud but the music remained remarkably clear.

And the Sub itself wasn’t rattling and rolling despite the volume of the music thanks to the two force-cancelling speakers within which are positioned face to face to dampen any rattle.

Anyone with an amplified Sonos product like the Connect: Amp, ZP120, ZP100, and Play :5 and Play :3 should seriously consider adding the Sonos Sub to their system.

If you have multiple Sonos speakers around the home you can either carry the Sub to each of those rooms or buy more than one.

The new Sonos Sub will work with any of the Sonos amplified products

The downside of that is firstly the weight – it is a hefty 16kg. And the secondly there’s the price – $999.

At $999 it’s the most expensive product in the Sonos range and more expensive than the product you’re going to link it with.

But if you’re close to your Sonos system, which can be controlled and directed anywhere in your home using a free iPhone, iPad and Android app, the Sub is definitely a worthy addition if you can afford it.

If you like your Sonos music system now – adding the Sub will make you fall in love with it all over again.

Sonos Sub

Price: $999

Four and half stars (out of five)

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