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New range of Ferrari high performance headphones unveiled


r200-whitethumbIf you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Ferrari (who hasn’t!) but can’t afford it, you can still enjoy the performance and quality of the brand with a new line-up of headphones.

Ferrari by Logic3 is an iconic collection of seven styles of earphones and headphones that celebrate Ferrari’s unmistakable style and flair.

The products have been produced in conjunction with highly respected audio designers to ensure the headphones look and sound great.

There are two collections that make up the Ferrari by Logic3 range.

The first is the Scuderia Ferrari Collection which reflects the look and sleek design of the Ferrari cars which are so widely recognised.

The shapes of the ear cups and in-ear headphones in this collection are the same as some of the aerodynamic air vents and grilles found on the cars, for example.

The second – the Ferrari Cavallino Collection – has been influenced by the luxury and beauty of the inside of the Ferrari.

These headphones and earphones have the same high quality craftsmanship as the car’s eye-catching interiors and are even use the same leather and styling of the Ferrari upholstery.

Scuderia Ferrari Collection

R200 – on-ear headphones available in silver or white with 40mm speaker drivers, soft leather ear pads and distinct styling. $349

The Ferrari by Logic3 R200

P200 – these over-ear-headphones have a sporty design and are a copy of those worn in the Formula 1 pits by the crew and are available in red and black. $349.

The Ferrari by Logic3 P200

R100, R100i – In ear noise isolating headphones with a 10mm speaker driver and are the same shape as the air vents on the GT cars. R100 has a one button remote on the cord for Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones while the R100i has the remote and mic for iPhone users. $219

The Ferrari by Logic3 R100 in-ear headphones

S100, S100i – in-ear headphones with a sporty design inspired by the grille of the GT cars. The noise isolating ear tips ensure listeners can focus on the music. $169

Ferrari Cavallino Collection

T250 – On-ear headphones available in black or tan with a 40mm speaker driver, closed back design to prevent loss of sound with machined crafted metal arms and leather finish. $399

The Ferraro by Logic3 T250 headphones

T150, T150i – In-ear headphones available in black and tan which feature the iconic Ferrari prancing horse in silver on each bud with leather surfaces and a lightweight aluminium body. Cords to suit Android users (T150) and iPhone (T150i). $269

The Ferrari by Logic3 T150 in-ear headphones

G150, G150i – In-ear headphones available in black or white with a 10mm speaker driver include a leather trim, noise isolating tips and versions to suit Android and iPhone users.

Coming soon from Ferrari by Logic3 are active noise-cancelling headphones as well as two speaker dock systems.

Tech Guide will post reviews of some of the Ferrari by Logic3 headphones and in-ear headphones in the coming weeks.

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