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iShower lets you hear your music – under the shower


ishower2iWorld Australia has just released the iShower – a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can stream your music from your iPhone, iPad and Android device anywhere – including under the shower.

Now when you get under the shower, the iShower allows you to access your favourite tunes and online services like internet radio while your device is a safe distance away.

It has a range of about 50m and can pair up to five devices so the whole family can listen to their own devices when it’s there turn to take a shower.

There are controls on the front of the iShower speakers so users can easily control their playback and even adjust the volume.

iShower is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that lets you stream your music under the shower, by the pool and at the beach

And because it is water resistant the iShower can be used not only in the shower but also by the pool and at the beach.

The iShower is available now and is priced at $149.95.

Now you can hear your tunes under the shower with the iShower Bluetooth speaker

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