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Cygnett InSound Noise-Cancelling Headphones review


insoundthumbAustralian company Cygnett has made a worldwide name for itself as a creator of digital accessories and has added a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to its already impressive range of products.

Cygnett’s InSound headphones feature active noise cancellation technology that can read the amount of ambient sound around the listener using tiny microphones on the ear cups.

The device can then generate a counter-sound wave to delete that sound to achieve more than 85 per cent noise reduction so users can hear their music and audio instead of the noise around them.

During Tech Guide’s testing of the Cygnett InSound noise-cancelling headphones we were surprised by the level of outside sound it suppressed when it was activated.

When we flicked the switch it was like the sound got sucked out of the room.

And when we piped in our music, the InSound headphones allowed us to hear more of the audio instead of the noises around us.

There was plenty of detail, mid-range response and a respectable level of bass to get a lot out of your music.

The headphones themselves have soft padded ear cups and a padded headband so they fit comfortably even when worn for hours.

There is also a handy volume control on the right ear cup.

The Cygnett InSound Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The Cygnett InSound battery-powered noise cancelling headphones are also ideal for in-flight use and come with an adaptor plug which will fit into the aircraft’s entertainment system

The headphones also come with two audio cables of different lengths and everything can be neatly packed into a handy zip up case so they’re easy to toss into your travel bag.

At just $139.95, the sound quality of the Cygnett InSound is impressive for a product in this price range.

Noise cancelling headphones can be quite expensive but Cygnett’s InSound are one of best pound-for–pound value selections you will find.

The InSounds are not as good as the products offered by market leaders Bose and Monster’s Beats by Dr Dre.

But Cygnett’s headphones are less than half the price of these competitors.

And these competitors’ products are certainly not twice as good as the InSound so the Cygnett product represents excellent value.

Cygnett InSound

Price: $139.95

Four stars (out of five)

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