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Apple Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard review


Apple’s new iMac accessories – the Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and the Magic Keyboard – are a huge improvement over the models that were unchanged for years.

These older models were all powered by AA batteries and looked a lot bulkier than these new products.

The Magic Mouse 2, the Magic Trackpad 2 and the Magic Keyboard all have internal rechargeable batteries that are charged using a Lightning cable through a discreet port either on the back or the base.

Connecting the devices to the iMac with a Lightning cable also instantly pairs the accessories as well.


MAGIC MOUSE 2 – $129

The Magic Mouse 2 doesn’t look much different to the original Magic Mouse but there are plenty of changes under the hood.

For a start it’s lighter (it doesn’t take AA batteries anymore) and has smoother continuous base because there is no battery hatch anymore.

The result is silkier movement on the desktop which means you can navigate your Mac’s screen even faster and easier.

The top multi-touch surface is the same and offers simple gestures like swiping between web pages, scrolling longer documents and double tapping to enlarge.


One thing though – the Lightning port to charge the Magic Mouse 2 is on the bottom so you can’t use it while it’s recharging.

A full charge takes about two hours so best charge the Magic Mouse 2 overnight.



The Magic Trackpad 2 is 29 per cent larger than the original Magic Trackpad and reflects the same shape you’ll find with the trackpad on the MacBook laptops.

It also has a slight angle so you can comfortably use the device for extended periods.

One of the new features is Force Touch and it brings this for the first time to the iMac.

There are four force sensors underneath that can detect the level of pressure you apply and also give you subtle feedback.


Different commands are executed depending on how hard you apply pressure like highlighting a word and finding the dictionary definition and scrubbing through a video.

Of course, the large surface of the Magic Trackpad 2 also provides plenty of room for gestures using two and three fingers as well as pinch to zoom.

The back panel has the on/off switch and the lighting port.



The Magic Keyboard has had a complete redesign and looks a lot smaller because there is no need to fit in a barrel for the AA batteries.

The result is a sleek keyboard that has also been slightly angled for comfortable typing.


The look of the keys is similar to what we saw on the older wireless keyboard but the actual key scissor mechanism has been re-engineered.

Now it has 33 per cent more key stability so no matter where you strike the key it’s going to register.


The keys also have a slightly lower profile so you’re less likely to accidentally hit the wrong key while moving your fingers across the keyboard.

And, like the the Magic Trackpad 2, the Lightning port and on/off switch are on the back.


The new Apple accessories are a vast improvement and make interacting with your Mac easier and more enjoyable.

The good news for anyone buying a new iMac is the Magic Keyboard and /or the Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Trackpad 2 are included.

For those who want to add them to their existing Macs, you can purchase them separately. They are on the expensive side but you can be assured you are buying a quality item that will last for years.