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Vividwireless offers value home internet connectivity without any cables


Don’t want ADSL? Can’t access cable on your area? But don’t worry – there is another way to connect your home to the internet wirelessly with Vividwireless using a 4G LTE network purpose built for data.

Vividwireless – formerly called Unwired and bought out by Optus in 2012 – is available in metropolitan areas of Australians capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

This type of service is activated in minutes simply by connecting a wireless modem to a power point in your home.

This means customers will have access to the internet if they don’t have a phone line (which is how ADSL services are delivered) or access to cable services.

The Vividwireless modem, which is about the size of a paperback book, links to the company’s 2300Mhz 4G LTE network – a combination of its own infrastructure and the Optus network.


It has four Ethernet ports to connect devices with a cable and one USB port to make your printer accessible to your home network.

There is a SIM card onboard that can only be used with the Vividwireless gateway to link the device to the network.

It can then create a wireless network so you can connect smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles and smart TVs in your home to the internet.

It’s an easy service to kick off unlike other home internet plans that require waiting around for people to come to your home and install the service and set up your modem.

Users can simply order the modem online and choose their plan.

If you choose to start a 24-month term online, then you’ll get the modem free.


Customers can also head into Harvey Norman or The Good Guys and purchase the modem over the counter for $199 and choose their plan the first time you connect.

Plans start at $29 for 10GB data per month and move up to $59 for 40GB a month or $89 for unlimited data.

Customers who exceed their data allowance will not be charged excess fees but will have their service throttled back to 64kbps.

Before anyone commits to the service, which can be accessed month to month or on a two-year plan, they can check the coverage in their area at

And customers also have 14 days to test the service in their home. If it doesn’t meet their needs they will receive a complete refund within this period.

Reception can vary from area to area which is why the 14-day money back guarantee if you have signal or coverage issues.

The best areas to use Vividwireless are in metropolitan areas in capital cities but there are pockets where the service is either too slow to be of value or not available at all.

It’s a good idea to check your coverage on the Vividwireless website first before deciding on the service.

Vividwireless will give you your second month free if you sign up on a month-to-month plan and if you refer a friend you can also be rewarded with a month of free data for both you and your friend.

And being a wireless service you can also take Vividwireless with you if you move house or even if you want to head to the café.

The modem is larger than a regular 4G dongle and needs to be plugged in but it is possible to take in anywhere with you so you can use your Vividwireless data instead instead of your phone’s data.