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Two Blokes Talking Tech celebrates Episode 250 of the top-rating podcast


The Two Blokes Talking Tech, Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long, are celebrating the 250th episode of the popular weekly podcast that covers the latest tech issues.

On this week’s landmark show, the blokes take a stroll down memory lane about how the podcast got off the ground.

Also on the program, Stephen and Trevor get down to chatting about latest tech news including digital rights to major sporting events, Telstra’s free data day and status as a network and the IKEA VR shopping experience.

The blokes also chat about Sphero’s update for BB8 that allows it to react to The Force Awakens, the app that’s you check the pictures from your speed camera fine and the Huawei Watch designed for women that combines style and technology.

In the minute reviews, we take a look at the Netgear X8 router and the Tech21 iPhone case that’s shockproof and waterproof.

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