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Hisense smart TVs increase streaming apps to include Foxtel Now


Hisense has announced its recent range of smart TVs will include Foxtel Now in its suite of content streaming apps as part of its VIDAA 3 operating system.

Select Hisense TVs will be able to access the Foxtel Now app from October 2020.

Users with a Foxtel Now subscription will now be able to enjoy the service on their Hisense TV released in 2019 and 2020 including Foxtel originals, exclusive HBO dramas, movies, sports, news programs and documentaries.

“While content has long been king, demand for it has never been higher than in the current climate,” says Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

“Right now, Australians are spending increased time at home and they are looking for ways they can enhance their at-home viewing experiences.

“With our 2020 TV range bigger and bolder than ever before, we’re extremely pleased to be bringing Australians a content offering to match.

“Boasting an extensive and diverse range of content, the addition of Foxtel Now to our existing suite of streaming apps will provide select Hisense TV owners with the opportunity to indulge in endless hours of entertainment while at home.”

Existing Foxtel multiscreen and Foxtel Now customers can now simply log in to the app on their Hisense TV instead of requiring a separate box or be limited to watching on a smartphone or tablet.

“Foxtel Now is the easiest way to watch Foxtel’s amazing range of the best TV dramas, movies, sport, documentaries and lifestyle shows,” said Holly Knill, Group Director, IP and Content Products at Foxtel.

“We are thrilled that Foxtel Now is available on a wide range of Hisense’s smart TVs, ensuring that even more Australians can enjoy Foxtel’s shows directly from their smart TV.”

The Foxtel Now app can be found in Hisense TVs running the VIDAA 3 operating system sold in 2019 and 2020.

These models include:

2020 TV Models 2019 TV Models
55Q8 65R8
65Q8 75R8
75Q8 50R7
85Q8 55R7
43S8 65R7
50S8 75R7
55S8 85R7
65S8 43R6
75S8 50R6
85S8 55R6
100S8 65R6
58S5 75R6