Modern technology gives us many things.

Teleportivity platform offers the Uber of customer service with face to face help when you need it.


Australian tech start-up Teleportivity has launched a platform that has the potential to transform the way business and universities interact with their customers and students.

The system allows customers to create a telepresence connection with a staff member through a screen to allow face to face chat in the event there is no one on-site to speak with.

Tech Guide had a look at the platform at CeBIT in Sydney this week and we were instantly greeted by a woman on a 12.9-inch display (which was an iPad Pro) built into a stand that was at our eye level.

This could be used in a store or shopping centre and at a university or school to give people an option to ask a question or find directions or gather any other information.

Without person physically there, Teleportivity is the next best thing to a face to face conversation.

The chat’s visual communication is more personal than an audio call and it also gives the person at the other end – like the store or university staff member – the ability to see the customer and to see if they are stressed or emotional.


During the chat, the staff member can display images and directions and even pop up an emoji to add some fun to the conversation.

It’s also possibly to display QR codes which can be scanned by the user’s smartphone to perhaps offer a voucher, a discount or to even complete a transaction.

“We’re living in an On-Demand era. From the Ubers we catch to the Netflix shows we watch, we want the very best services at the push of a button. Why should our customer service be any different?” says Adam Gottlieb, CEO and Founder of Teleportivity.

“Teleportivity is set to ‘Uberise’ the global human workforce by offering a scalable, remote, and most-importantly, instantly-accessible pool of expert human resources at the push of a button.

“It’s time we brought the humanity back to human engagement. We couldn’t be more excited to be the company to fight back against the onslaught of AI.”


Teleportivity allows users to chat with different people regardless of their location.

This gives businesses the option of restructuring and re-distributing their staff and create efficiencies that were unavailable to them until now.

There are number of scenarios where Teleportivity would be ideal.

Imagine walking in to an electrical retailer and wanting to purchase a new fridge.

The most experienced fridge salesperson might be located in another state or even another country but through Teleportivity, a customer could speak to them face to face.

The customer has the opportunity to move the conversation to their smartphone so they can chat on the move if they needed to move around the store.

Or the chat can be transferred instantly to another screen in that location.


In this case, the store doesn’t lose a possible sale and the customer gets the information they need to make the right purchase.

And there are so many other areas where the technology can be deployed including aged care facilities.

In this scenario a person could talk to a doctor or a loved one just by pressing one button on a screen.

And because the technology is so simple to use there is no learning required and no app to download – it just works.