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Telstra increases mobile plan pricing for new and existing customers


Telstra has announced it will be increasing pricing for its mobile plans from July 1 to match CPI (Consumer Price Index) but at the same time the telco is significantly increasing data allowances across all their plans.

And the price rise will apply to all Telstra customers with existing and new post-paid mobile and mobile broadband plans.

“Over the last few years, we’ve been working to give our customers more certainty about how much their bill will be each month to help them budget,” a Telstra spokesperson said.

“We introduced upfront, no lock in plans and scrapped excess data charges to get rid of bill shock.

 “To help with their longer term planning, we’re also being up front about annual price reviews each July in line with CPI.

 “This July, in line with CPI, mobile plans will increase between $2 and $4 per month and because customers aren’t locked into a contract, they always have the freedom and flexibility to change plans to suit their needs and budget.”

Telstra has also changed the names of its plans from Small, Medium and Large to Basic, Essential and Premium.

The price increase will be $3 a month for Basic (formerly Small) and Essential (formerly Medium) and $4 a month for Premium (formerly Large).

But what’s also increased apart from the price is the monthly data allowance.

The Essential plan (now $68 a month) has increased from 80GB to 180GB and Premium (now $89 a month) has gone from 120GB to 300GB per month.

The Basic plan (which remains at 40GB data) is $58 a month and now has access to the Telstra 5G network with speeds capped at 250Mbs with the Essential and Premium plans including unlimited access to 4G and the full possible speed on 5G.

These SIM Only plans are month to month and have no lock-in contracts.

They also include unlimited calls and text messages.

“We are refreshing our mobile plans to provide more value for customers,” a Telstra spokesperson said.

“With mobile usage always growing, we’ve doubled the data in our new Essential and Premium plans and packed in lots more Telstra Plus benefits.

“In August, we’ll also be making it easier and more affordable to connect the whole family with the launch of new bundle plans which allow you to add up to five mobile or data plans to the one account.”

In comparison Vodafone is offering per month: $40 (80GB), $45 (120GB), $50 (200GB), $60 (300GB) and $65 (Unlimited).

Optus has per month: $55 (80GB), $65 (200GB), $65 (500GB – special offer reverts to $115 a month after 12 months), $85 (240GB).

Of course these are on their respective 5G networks, and you can check the coverage maps on their websites.

Telstra says its plans will be reviewed annually from now on and may also increase annually.

The CPI, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, is the measure of household inflation and includes statistics about price change for categories of household expenditure.

Currently CPI stands at 5.1 per cent.

Telstra will also be announcing new bundles in August to allow customers to combine their Telstra services and save money.