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New DJI OM5 smartphone stabiliser helps you shoot even smoother videos


DJI has just launched the new DJI OM5 – a smartphone stabiliser which includes a new clamp, a compact design and an extension rod to give users an easier way to create quality content.

The latest in the Osmo Mobile series brings its expertise from its drone gimbals to this product with three-axis stabilisation so you can shoot rock steady and smooth videos with your smartphone.

The DJI OM5 has DJI’s iconic foldable design and it’s actually a third smaller than the previous version.

It is also now compatible with even more smartphone models.

“With the iterations of the DJI OM smartphone stabilizers over the years, we have been aiming to lower the threshold of professional and high-quality shooting by offering users more accessible and helpful tools for their everyday activities,” said Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI.

“For those who rely on their smartphones, the DJI OM 5 is your ultimate compact, technologically advanced gimbal – any time you want to create footage of your most memorable moments.”

The DJI OM5 has a new extension rod so you can capture different angles and fit even more into your shots.

The three-axis gimbal can help you capture smooth video while you’re walking and in other fast-paced scenarios.

Onboard is Active Track 4.0 which supports up to 3x zoom at 5m/s so you can lock on and follow subjects in the frame.

Other pro features include:

Gesture Control: Easily start and stop video recording or take photos by using hand gestures to control the DJI OM 5, perfect for capturing an epic selfie or group footage without a finicky self-timer.

DynamicZoom: A visually appealing cinematic look, DJI OM 5 automatically adjusts the zoom function to create the dramatic background shift made popular by Alfred Hitchcock.

Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse: Show the passing of time in a sped-up form using Timelapse; Motionlapse, which adds set movement points for the gimbal; or Hyperlapse to physically move with the gimbal. All three modes use Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology as well as the 3-axis gimbal for an added level of smoothness. Easily share these creative videos on social media for the world to enjoy.

Panoramas: Choose from three creative panorama options to capture a wider perspective including 3×3 panorama, 240°panorama and “CloneMe” panorama which allows the user to add multiple versions of a person or subject into one shot for a unique and creative effect.

Spin Shot Gimbal Movement: Activated in the DJI Mimo app and using the joystick, the gimbal will rotate the phone to give a spinning effect.

Story Mode Templates: Choose from one of the pre-set templates to add a creative spin to your content. The DJI OM 5 uses pre-set movements, music and color palettes for quick videos perfect for sharing on social media.

Glamour Effects: Supports automatic retouching and customized parameter settings. Glamour Effects will be automatically activated when switching to the front-facing camera.

Also available as an additional accessory is the Fill Light Phone Clamp which includes a light to create a better shot if you’re filming yourself or a scene in low light.

DJI OM5 will be available in two colours – Sunset White and Athens Gray.

It is available now to purchase from DJI for $239. The Fill Light Clamp is priced at $79.