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New DJI Air 2S drone has huge camera improvements and safer flight modes

DJI has released an all-new drone – the DJI Air 2S – which has an improved camera and even better flight capabilities so you can capture even more stunning videos and images.

The DJI Air 2S drone is equipped with a 1-inch sensor that’s capable of shooting 5.4K video at 30 frames per second and 4K at 30fps.

The sensor, which is double the size of the one on its predecessor the Mavic Air 2, can also capture stunning 20 megapixel stills with amazing clarity and rich colours.

As a result the drone can offer high dynamic range, high resolution and accurate colours and even better performance in low light.

The 10-bit Dlog-M colour profile of the DJI Air 2S does all the heavy lifting when it comes dragging out the colours of the scene.

And photographers will also rejoice at the fact the drone can now shoot RAW with a dynamic range of up to 12.6 stops so you’re able to capture even more information and provide even more editing options.

Like the previous DJI models, the drone can be folded down to quite a small size so it’s easy to take with you anywhere.

Once again the DJI Air 2S has a number of smart features and autonomous functions so you can create professional shots quickly and easily.

Quickshots have now been joined by Mastershots so you can just select your subject and allow the drone to execute its manoeuvres and all the while keeping your subject in the middle of the frame.

The new Mastershots include Portrait, Proximity and Landscape and the result is a stunning cinematic shot.

Also onboard is FocusTrack which can also lock on to moving objects and follow or circle your subjects.

Spotlight 2.0 centres on an object as the drone flies in a circle with the zoom function also making it possible to get clear shots at a distance for added safety.

ActiveTrack 4.0 can follow your subject when they are on the move while still avoiding obstacles in its path and resuming the tracking if it even if the DJI Air 2S loses track of the subject for a few seconds.

Point of Interest 3.0 can capture a circle shot and keep your subject centred at all times.

The DJI Air 2S has obstacle avoidance sensors on all sides so it can easily detect your environment and prevent the drone from crashing into anything.

This gives the pilot peace of mind so you can enjoy the flight rather than sweating on what might happen when your near rocks and trees and structures.

The drone features DJI’s most advanced 03 (OcuSync 3.0) 1080p image transmission technology so you’re getting a clear and smooth video feed from a distance of up to 12km.

There is also an added layer of air safety and can provide audio and visual alerts through the DJI Fly app if there are other aircraft and helicopters nearby.

The DJI Air 2S is available now and priced at $1,699.

The DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo, which includes a carry bag, extra batteries, charging dock and additional propellors is priced at $2,099.