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Linksys launches affordable NBN-compatible ADSL/VDSL X6200 modem router


Linksys has just released its first ADSL/VDSL wi-fi X6200 modem router for the home or office with dual wireless bands that can easily handle streaming 4K content and online gaming.

And with the compatibility of ADSL and VDSL, the X6200 will suit a wide range of users today and into the future as they cut over to the NBN.

ADSL will work with current set-ups while VSDL will come into play when the NBN’s fibre to the node connection is deployed so the Linksys X6200 modem router will be useful today and tomorrow.

The device has a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands which are capable of wi-fi data speeds of up to 300Mbps and 433Mbps respectively.


There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports on the rear panel to provide even faster data transfer to physically connected devices.

Also onboard is a USB 2.0 port to attach an external drive and share data across the network.

The Linksys X6200 modem router is easy to set up thanks to a step by step guide and comes with parental controls that will allow you to schedule your kids’ online time.

Part of the set-up also includes creating a guest network with a unique password to give your visitors secure access to your network.


With the latest 802.11ac wireless standard comes beamforming technology that forms a stronger and more reliable connection to your wireless devices in your home or office.

The Linksys ADSL/VDSL wi-fi X6200 modem router is available now from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and is priced at $189.95.