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Lenovo’s new Smart Assistant is a voice-activated speaker that’s at your beck and call


Lenovo will release a smart speaker which, like Amazon’s Echo, is also your voice-activated assistant that can talk to so it can read you the news, play your music and give you a weather report before you go out.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Lenovo Smart Assistant is a cylindrical speaker which utilizes Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to power the smarts in device.

There are already more than 65 per cent of people around the world already use voice recognition on their mobile devices and PC so the Lenovo Smart Assistant will fit in quite easily in the home.

Lenovo’s product will be convenient because you can find out information without typing and often while you’re doing something else.

But, unlike the Amazon Echo and Google’s own smart speaker Google Home, Lenovo’s Smart Assistant will be available in different colours.


On the audio side, Lenovo’s product will also be superior with a version offering Harman Kardon speakers onboard.

It has not been confirmed whether Lenovo will release this product in Australia.


It is likely Amazon will have a physical presence in Australia which means it could offer the Amazon Echo smart speaker directly to customers.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant is priced at $US130 for the regular version and $US180 for the Harman Kardon edition.