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Latest Optus plans can now offer you a new smartphone every 12 months


With so many new smartphones released each year it’s frustrating for customers locked in to a two-year contract but Optus has come up with a way users can upgrade their device every 12 months.

Available from today, My Plan Plus gives customers the option of getting a new smartphone 12 months into their plan.

New and existing Optus customer can sign-up or re-contract to the latest My Plan Plus contract for 24 months and take advantage of the New Phone Trade Up after 12 months.

If customers see a new smartphone that want after a year they have two options.

The first option is to swap their current phone – as long as it’s in good condition and in working order – along with a one-off $99 fee and then get their new device on a new 24-month contract.

When new phones like the Samsung S7 Edge are released Optus customers can now upgrade their device after 12 months
When new phones like the Samsung S7 Edge are released Optus customers can now upgrade their device after 12 months

The second option to trade up to a new phone is to keep their current device and pay the remainder of the full cost and then get the new phone on a new 24-month contract.

Here are the guidelines on what Optus sees as good working order for those looking to trade up to a new device.

1. Your device can power on and off.

2. Your touchscreen is fully functional and has no imperfections such as lines or marks.

3. Your device does not have any missing buttons or damage to other components such as charging ports or SIM tray

4. The device (including the touchscreen) is not cracked and does not have any severe scratches (normal wear and tear such as light marks and scratches are okay)

5. Make sure any locking features are disabled (for example, find my iPhone on iOS devices).

Data allowances have also been dramatically increased with the Optus My Plan Plus contracts with 15GB included with the $100 plans and 20GB with the 120 plans.

Mobile broadband customers on a $30 plan or above can also benefit from the new device offer and be eligible to upgrade to a new tablet after 12 months for $99 as long as their original device is still in good working order.

Or you can simply pay out the full remaining costs of the tablet before starting a new 24-month contract with the new tablet.

Customers can also exit their My Plan Plus contracts without paying a cancellation fee. All the need to do is paying out the full remaining cost of the contract along with any monthly credit that Optus was going to cover.