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Laser launches its latest range of dash cams starting at less than $60


It’s getting to that time of year when we hit the road on our holidays and just in time Laser has launched its latest range of crash cams to be your eyes and ears on the road.

Laser is an Australian company with a reputation for offering quality products at an affordable price and the new crash cam range certainly fits into this category.

There is a product to suit all types of users and budgets and include features like GPS, full high definition resolution, in-car recording as well as local school zone warnings and speed and red camera alerts.

All of the Laser crash cams feature time stamping and loop recording onto a microSD card.

A good dash cam can document any on-road incidents with a growing number of Australian insurance companies allowing video captured with the products to form part of a claim.

According to the NRMA, use of in car products like crash cams has sharply risen in popularity and helps assessors make a decision about liability with more confidence than ever.

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NAVIG8R WI-FI X 818 CRASH CAM – $249.95

The X 818 is Laser’s top-of-the-line crash cam has a driver facing screen to show their position on a map along with GPS functionality that captures location, speed and directional data.


Drivers also get a heads up about an impending change in speed upon approaching school zones with correct Australian State School zone times.

The X 818 includes PC software to allow drivers to replay recorded journeys so they can view video, speed, location details and track the journey using Google Maps.

On the camera side, the device has a 160-degree wide-angle lens to capture even more detail including adjoining lanes.

With 16-megapixel resolution, the camera also includes HDR (high dynamic range) and works just as well night or day.


The X 525 has a low-profile housing so it takes a very little space on the windscreen and offers more options for installation.


It also has GPS tracking on board and can connect to a smartphone or tablet app to replay footage on the move.

Recording is in 1296p Super HD resolution to catch detail like number plates and car makes and models.

The 12-megapixel camera has a 160-degree wide-angle lens along with HDR low light recording capabilities.


The X 717 is a dual crash camera which records front and internal footage and is suitable for professional drivers including Uber and taxi drivers.


The occupant camera may be useful for parents to keep an eye on beginner drivers and make sure they’re not using their phone or texting while driving.

It may also be useful for fleet vehicles to ensure compliance from company drivers.

NAVIG8R X 817 F+R CRASH CAMERA – $199.95

With the X 817, drivers get an all-around recording experience by capturing footage at the front and rear of the car.


One camera sits on the front windscreen while the other can be mounted at the rear of the car so you can capture more of incidents including rear end collisions, drive-bys and pileups.

The rear camera can also be used as a reversing camera with the image displayed on the devices screen when the reverse gear is engaged.


This device also has built-in GPS tracking so drivers can review their journeys on an app via Wi-Fi.


For less than $100, the X 616 is one of the best value crash cameras on the market and includes GPS tracking to capture evidence of location, time, date, heading and speed on top of the video footage.


It has a wide-angle view of 140-degrees and captures footage in 1080p full high definition.


The X 616 is an affordable everyday crash camera.


The most affordable crash camera in the Laser range is priced at less than $60 yet still includes 1080p full HD resolution from the on-board 8-megapixel camera with 120-degree wide angle lens to capture all the necessary details on the road.


The device has a 1.5-inch LCD colour screen and boasts a compact design so it takes up minimal space on your windscreen.


The new range of Laser crash cams are available now from