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Kogan Mobile to switch pre-paid customers to the 4G network for free


Kogan Mobile’s pre-paid 3G SIM only plans in partnership with Vodafone, which include generous data allowances and unlimited calls and text, will be switched to the 4G network in the coming months at no extra cost.

Existing and future customers on all of Kogan Mobile’s pre-paid options – 1XL, 3XL and 5XL – will be cut over to 4G by June.

And the best news is it won’t cost them a cent to enjoy faster 4G speeds on Vodafone’s network in all major metropolitan areas and selected regional areas across Australia.

“Kogan Mobile has become so popular because of its great value,” said David Shafer, Executive Director of

“But, we know Aussies want fast mobile speeds. Enabling 4G is part of our plan to continuously improve the value consumers receive from Kogan Mobile.

“No matter how you use your phone, Kogan Mobile has a deal for everyone — and now our low prices come with access to blistering fast 4G data speeds.

“Vodafone has invested billions into their network in recent years, and being able to bring its fast 4G speeds to Kogan Mobile customers will make our prepaid options even more attractive.”

Kogan Mobile plans start at $16.95 per month for the 1XL plan which includes unlimited calls and texts and 1GB data and with the option to pay quarterly ($46.95) or yearly ($179.95). Paying yearly works out to be $14.80 per month.

On the 3XL plan, customers receive 3GB of data for $29.95 a month or $79.95 quarterly or $299.95 yearly. Paying yearly on this plan works out at $24.66 per month.

Moving up to the 5XL plan brings 5GB of data per month for $36.95 or $99.95 quarterly or $369.95 yearly. Paying yearly on this plan works out at $30.41 per month.