Modern technology gives us many things.

The Top 5 Emerging Technologies Used in Contact Centers


In today’s modern world, companies and organizations are moving with technology’s speed, mainly on how they communicate with potential clients and customers. Due to the increased number of people using modern technology, companies must also adjust to meet clients’ expectations and demands on when and how to be contacted.

Thanks to the contact center industries like the Oracle CMS that are committed to provide advanced customer management solutions. 

Communication with customers is now efficient and profitable to companies and organizations in the world.

In this article, we have analyzed the best five technologies that have emerged in the contact centers today.


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software used in messaging and calling customers using natural language through various applications like websites and mobile apps.

Chatbots are used for conversing with customers by scanning keywords from the users’ messages, matching them with what it recognizes, and then responding accordingly.

The chatbot’s ability to give a human to automated conversations allows it to take on the simple day-to-day tasks. 

Some chatbots are aligned with excellent brand voices that make them very charismatic. 

Since Chatbots are not human, they can give services for a long time without having fatigue, providing room for 24/7 consistent customer service. 

Chatbots also collect much data about customer’s behaviors and purchasing patterns that can be used to improve customer service and make business predictions.

As technology progresses, chatbots are anticipated to recognize when a client is struggling with a question and alert human agents to come in and assist with the conversation.

Voice Analysis and Call Recording 

Quality customer care services are essential to any company, whether big or small. 

The ability to capture, store, and analyze clients’ calls allows organizations and companies managers to gain valuable information on how to provide services to customers in a timely and appropriate manner.

Technologies like call recording and voice analysis allow companies’ contact centers to give their agents better training to improve customer support.

Also, call recording allows the management to analyze the agent’s interactions with customers, highlighting areas of improvement, and positive criticism.

Speech analysis technologies allow contact centers to analyze audio data to detect the customer’s tone and emotions. 

Knowing the customer’s emotions from their voice enables contact centers to recognize when customers are not satisfied or unsatisfied, highlighting their needs, expectations, and desires.

Omni-Channel Technology

Unlike past days when customers used to contact companies, nowadays, companies have to look for innovative ways to get involved and interact with their customers. 

In a recent study reveals that even adults prefer digital customer service instead of talking to agents over the phone. 

Contact centers invest in omnichannel to reach their customers in whatever channel they prefer to create seamless experiences with customers.

The contact center should adopt a multichannel approach because customers are continually adding new communication forums like massaging apps, emails, social networks, applications, and many more.

Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to the interconnection of computing devices via the Internet, enabling them to communicate and share data.

In contact centers, the Internet of things refers to the interconnection of contact center systems, products, and computer devices through the Internet. 

The Internet of things is essential to contact centers in that it can be used to automatically detect problems in the system.

For instance, if a fridge starts to fail, it can send a signal to the organization through the Internet that it requires fixing even without the consumer’s knowledge.

With such a system, the company is likely to receive fewer calls from clients requiring assistance.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is software, technologies, and practices that collect, integrate, analyze, and present data. 

In contact centers, Business intelligence is used to track and analyze consumer behavior, identify market patterns and trends. 

Artificial Intelligence then uses this analyzed information to predict and suggest what the company should do in the future to improve.

Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can be used to analyze and measure the cost of production, the staffing requirements, and also identify challenges before they arise. 

Business and Artificial Intelligence can also be used to suggest available sell opportunities due to interaction with clients. 

In the near future, Business and Artificial Intelligence are expected to be more sophisticated, smarter, and comprehensive.