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ingogo taxi booking app introduces fixed fares so you don’t need to watch the meter


Taxi booking and payment platform ingogo has introduced a new game-changing feature for the taxi industry that will remove the uncertainty of the experience for passengers – fixed fares.

From today, customers will no longer have to keep an eye on the meter and worry about the size of their fare.

With ingogo, when you book a taxi from the app and enter all of your trip details, you’ll receive a precise determination of what the fare will be.

Once the customer accepts the fare, the taxi is booked and the driver is sent to pick them up.

And within the ingogo app, the passenger can track the approaching taxi on the map and also contact them if necessary.

“Our redesigned application is the next stage in providing customers with the superior experience that they have come to expect,” said Hamish Petrie, the ingogo CEO.

“ingogo already offers the most robust suite of services through our app. This is another feather in that cap.



“Our intention is to keep taxi drivers competitive, both in terms of service and pricing transparency. That way, everybody wins.”

The algorithm that’s used by ingogo to determine the fare takes into account the distance, the expected time to reach that destination and the current traffic conditions along with tolls and other fees.

Unlike other services like Uber, there is no surge pricing where passengers are charged higher fares depending on the time of day or the location.

The fixed fares are comparable with standard metered fares.

“Customers are at times uncomfortable with taxis, some hire cars and rideshares for a number of reasons,” said Jeff Lim, ingogo’s chief marketing officer said.

“They’re not sure of the final price before they get in, or are concerned that a driver will take a less-than-optimal route to get the passenger to their destination.”

“Through the new ingogo app, customers will have the certainty that they crave around pricing.

“Legislation expected in NSW will require an estimate when booking, but ingogo is now taking that to the next level. Plus passengers can jump straight out of the cab as payment and receipts are automated.”

With ingogo, users can also book a taxi up to 48 hours in advance and also book a taxi to be waiting for them on arrival at the airport.

The ingogo service can be accessed online or via the Android or iOS app.