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Seagate releases Mandalorian-inspired FireCuda Beskar Ingot drive – this is the way


It’s not too hard to entice a Star Wars fan like me to buy something even with the smallest link to the movies and the new TV shows.

With that in mind, the Seagate Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive fashioned after the Beskar Ingot seen in The Mandalorian had me at hello.

For those not familiar with The Mandalorian and that corner of the Star Wars universe, Beskar is a super strong metal that can withstand lightsaber strikes and laser blaster shots.

This metal can only be found on Mandalorian worlds and creates a pattern of wavy lines when forged into ingot form.

The officially licenced Seagate Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Beskar Ingot Drive has nailed the look right down to the Imperial stamp.

On the back is the Mandalorian’s emblem and his catch phrase – “this is the way”.

Also included in the box are a set of Star Wars Mandalorian and Seagate FireCuda stickers as well.

And when it’s connected it also has customisable LED RGB lighting – out of the box the light is set at the Mandalorian-inspired blue.

The drive works with PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox and is powered by the USB 3.2 Gen 1 bus-powered cable, so it works without being connected to a power source.

The 2TB capacity offers plenty of room to store your files, data, game saves, gameplay clips and much more.

The Seagate Special Edition FireCuda External Hard Drive is available now and is priced at $119.