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Logitech launches new secure wireless connections for its latest keyboards and mouse


Logitech has released a new high-performance and secure wireless technology which offers cross-platform compatibility to power its new keyboard and mouse for business users.
The new Logi Bolt connect to one of your PC or Mac’s USB ports and creates strong wireless connection.

Why is this important?

There have been cases of endpoint vulnerabilities which have impacted Australian enterprises.

Logitech has released a new combo pack which includes the MX Keys for Business keyboard, the MX Master 3 for Business mouse and a wrist pad.

There’s also the ergonomic K860 Split Keyboard for Business that is compatible with the new Logi Bolt technology.

Each of them comes with the Logi Bolt which creates a secure connection to the Logi devices without having to rely solely on Bluetooth.

The Logi Bolt can connect up to six Logi devices.

These products can still connect via Bluetooth Low Energy wireless which can be installed on the host computer.

This method, along with the Logi Bolt, offer Mode 1, Level 4 grade secure connections.

Bluetooth is seen by many hackers as a weak point and in the past have been exploited to listen in on conversations between phones and headsets.

An attacker could potentially access a device via its Bluetooth protocol and then access files and other sensitive information.

A home user would be less of a target but imagine an organisation with hundreds of keyboards and mice connected via Bluetooth in one place like a business or enterprise.

“For decades, consumers have trusted Logitech to deliver products that help them create, communicate, work and learn at home and on-the-go,” says General Manager of B2B for Creativity and Productivity at Logitech, Joseph Mingori.

“Now we look to expand that expertise to employers and offer a stellar employee experience as they evolve their requirements in a rapidly changing landscape.

“We have redefined our enterprise offering to support individual work setup solutions on a global scale while launching our new, wireless technology solution – Logi Bolt – enabling secure and robust connections to meet today’s evolving business needs.

“These offerings prioritize the needs of enterprise IT to keep their diverse workforces productive, collaborative and secure no matter where they work.”

There are five new devices in the Logitech range that leverage the technology’s cross-platform compatibility.

Logi Bolt works with numerous operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.

Logi Bolt Enabled Devices

– Master Series — MX Keys Combo for Business

– Master Series — MX Keys for Business

– Master Series — MX Master 3 for Business

– Master Series — MX Anywhere 3 for Business

– Ergonomic Series — ERGO K860 Split Keyboard for Business

– Ergonomic Series — ERGO M575 for Business

For pricing, businesses and enterprises can contact Logitech sales.