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Battle of the boxes – Telstra TV v Foxtel Now box v Apple TV 4K


To enjoy our favourite movies and TV shows there are now a lot of viewing options and services including the new Telstra TV, Foxtel Now box and Apple TV 4K – but which one is right for you?

These new products were launched in the last couple of months and allow viewers to tap into their favourite streaming services.

Telstra TV, the Foxtel Now box and Apple TV 4K all connect to your television via a HDMI cable and come with their own remote controls to easily navigate the menus and applications.

But which one is right for you? We take a look at all three side by side.


Telstra TV: $192 for outright purchase, $8 a month on a 24-month contract or it can be bundled with a Telstra $99 unlimited data home broadband plan.

Foxtel Now box: $99 and comes with all the Foxtel Now streaming packs for free for two months. After the two-month period customers can choose which packs to make up their Foxtel Now package.

Apple TV 4K: $249 (32GB) and $279 (64GB)

Telstra TV


Telstra TV: The unit has been created by Roku and is larger than its predecessor with a slightly bigger footprint. Also included is a small remote control with shortcut keys for Netflix and Foxtel Now.

Foxtel Now box: The device has been lovingly referred to as the “puck” because of its circular shape. It has a reasonably small footprint and has a small and simple remote.

Apple TV 4K: this latest product looks virtually identical to the previous model and includes a small remote control with a trackpad for easy navigation.

Foxtel Now box


Telstra TV: There is a wider range of apps with Telstra TV including Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Now. Also included are all the free to air catch up TV services along with YouTube and BigPond movies.

Foxtel Now box: Of course, there is Foxtel Now along with Stan, the free to air catch up services and the Google Play Store. What you won’t find on the Foxtel Now box is Netflix which the company obviously sees as a direct rival. Also on board is the Google Play Store so users can access apps, music, movies and games.

Apple TV 4K: The big app here is iTunes which provides access to the latest movies and TV shows. Also included, of course, is the App Store so you can now enjoy games and other suitable apps on your big screen. Also includes Netflix, Stan, free-to-air catch up services and various other content apps for sport and music.

Apple TV 4K


Telstra TV: The Telstra TV box (created by Roku) can display 4K HDR which will work with Netflix, Stan and YouTube – of course you need a 4K TV as well.

Foxtel Now box: Supports up to 4K streaming with a compatible app and 4K TV but Foxtel Now can stream up to 1080p and linear TV in up to 720p resolution.

Apple TV 4K: supports 4K along with Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

Telstra TV universal search
Telstra TV universal search


Telstra TV: Includes a high definition TV tuner to view free-to-air channels.

Foxtel Now box: Includes a high definition TV tuner to view free-to-air channels.

Apple TV 4K: Does not include a TV tuner.

Foxtel Now box interface
Foxtel Now box interface


Telstra TV: One of the standout features for Telstra TV is the universal search function which lets viewers track down shows and movies and find out where the content can be viewed whether it’s a streaming service or free-to-air TV. There is also a handy Telstra TV companion app that lets you watch live TV on the move and that also acts as a remote.

Foxtel Now box: Onboard the Foxtel Now box is Google’s Chromecast so users can stream content from their mobile devices including Netflix and other applications. The device is also running Android so you have full access to the Google Play Store and all the apps that go with it.

Apple TV 4K: One of the features that distinguishes the Apple TV 4K from the competition is Siri which allows users to control search and playback with their voice. The Apple TV app works across all of Apple’s platforms and is also a handy addition so you can browse content and find the latest movies and shows that have been recommended for you.

Search for 4K content on Apple TV 4K


Telstra TV: It will only work if you have a Telstra account. If you’re not a Telstra customer you won’t be able to register the Telstra TV.

Foxtel Now box: You need a Foxtel Now login to set up the device. Users can sign up to a free two-week trial when they buy the Foxtel Now box.

Apple TV 4K: Users need an Apple ID to sign in and an iTunes account to buy and rent movies and TV shows.