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Are you one of these personality types that doesn’t recycle old mobile phones


It’s World Environment Day next week and technology hoarders are being called on to recycle their old mobile phones and accessories to prevent them ending up in a landfill and harming the environment.

Mobile Muster says World Environment Day on June 5 is the perfect opportunity for people hanging on to old devices to finally be rid of them.

Mobile Muster – the not-for-profit organisation mobile phone recycling program – says independent research indicates there are still more than 22.5 million old mobiles rattling around in drawers across Australia.

“We know from talking to people that there are a number of reasons why they are still hanging on to their old mobiles,” said Rose Read, Recycling Manager for MobileMuster.

“But we think World Environment Day is the perfect time for them to come clean on their reason for holding onto their old mobile, and to de-clutter and recycle.”

Research has indicated there are seven personality types when it comes to reasons people use for not recycling their old devices.


This person has a tight grip on their old device because it hold some meaning for them whether it was their first device, it was a gift or they were using it when they met their partner. It’s an old phone not a family heirloom.


These are usually early adopters who enjoy holding on to the device they had before everyone else. Get over it – you’re living in the past.


There are many users who falsely believe their old and now useless device may one day be worth a lot of money as an antique. It won’t – recycle it.


Would you believe there are some people who think the old mobiles will come in handy in the event of an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse. You’d be better off hoarding tinned food and bottled water – your old mobile won’t save you.


Some users like to hand their devices down to a child to use as a plaything and while this is a great gesture you’d be better off packing the device into the recycling satchel that came with the original box. And buy them a real toy instead.


The people who put off tidying up and decluttering are also likely to delay their recycling as well. Pull yourself together, throw out all of those 12 year old newspapers and send in those old phones for recycling.


If you back up your info you can then delete all of your old data off your phone when it’s time to move on and recycle that old device. Data left on the phone will be destroyed when it is dismantled for recycling. Don’t be paranoid with your Android.