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Telstra launches a new smart home control platform


Telstra is going in to the smart home business after unveiling a new platform that will allow customers to control their home security, automation and energy usage from one simple app.

The Telstra Smart Home Platform will launch later this year and allow users to interact with their homes like they have never done before.

The smart home, Internet of Things market is predicted to be worth more than $1 billion annually in Australia within the next five years.

Telstra’s Smart Home Platform is designed to integrate devices from different manufacturers as well as support a range of new products either from your computer or a smartphone or tablet app.

It is currently being trialed and will be available to customers later in 2016.

From launch there will be two smart home packages available.


The first is Watch and Monitor and will allow customers to watch their home remotely through cameras and motion sensors.

The other is the Automation and Energy option which taps into smart plugs and motion sensors to allow users to tailor their energy solutions for their home.

“The key to Australians embracing smart technology in the home is to make it easy and simple to use,” said John Chambers, Telstra executive director home and premium services.  “Our Telstra Smart Home platform will connect a range of devices through one simple app.  With the strength of the Telstra mobile network and our service and support teams, Telstra is best placed to help lead this revolution and bring Australians the home of the future.

“Many people are already using some smart home appliances and this will continue to increase, with the average Australian household expected to have 29 connected devices by 2020.  To bring it all together, we have been working with iControl Networks, a leading global smart home solutions provider, to build a simple, flexible platform that will work across multiple devices and operating systems to deliver a single solution for the home.

“Telstra Smart Home brings real benefits, from knowing exactly what time your kids get home from school, to checking in on the wellbeing of your mum who lives alone, to knowing that your garage door is closed, your dog is in the backyard and the iron is turned off when you leave the house.”

Telstra’s new Smart Home Platform will be on public display for the first time at the Technology and Gadget Expo in Melbourne on 25-26 June.