Magellan introduces Switch – a smart multi-sport GPS device

Magellan has released the Switch – a new smart multi-sport GPS device which is right at home whether you’re on a run, on your bike or in the water.

The device can fit on a wristband like a watch for use while you’re running or swimming but can be detached and clipped into a bike mount when you decide to hit the road.

Switch also includes GPS technology – a specialty of the Magellan brand – and was designed at the company’s Silicone Valley headquarters.

The Switch device can act like a digital personal trainer and keep track of your distance, pace, calories burned but it can also connect to a heart-rate monitor and bike sensors including cadences and power meters.

The Switch is also water resistant to 50m with the Switch Up model offering additional features like a barometric altimeter for elevation information and outside temperature.

The built-in GPS technology also allows users to mark specific locations and even backtrack to these locations so you won’t get lost.

There’s even an Activity Pacer which can tell you if you’re on target and even instruct you of the pace targets which need to be achieved to reach your goal.

Another feature is Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) that calculates in real time when you’ll arrive based on your current pace. Even if you stop for a break – the Switch will add that time to your ETA.

Magellan’s Switch allows users to jump from one activity to another and still keep the data gather under one workout.

There also 10 pre-set profiles to cover all kinds of activities including walking, running, swimming and cycling and other profiles which can be customised.

The Magellan Switch is priced at $279 or $329 when purchased with a heart rate monitor. The Switch Up is priced at $349 on its own and $399 with a heart rate monitor.

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