Logitech K830 keyboard works with your PC and smart TV

Logitech’s new K830 wireless keyboard is a handy device that can be used with your computer or in the living room with your smart TV.

The K830 combines a six-row keyboard with a trackpad so it can also take the place of your mouse as well.

It also has an ambient light sensor on board to illuminate the keys when needed.

This is particularly handy if you decide to connect the Logitech K830 to your smart TV in your living room in the evening.

It connects through a tiny Bluetooth dongle that is inserted in a vacant USB port on your computer or on the back of your smart TV.

Also included with the product is a USB extension cable to make it easier for the keyboard to link with the dongle.

This cable, once connected to the USB port on the back of your TV, makes it even easier to connect the Bluetooth dongle rather than reaching around the back of the TV each time.

This would suit users who are using the keyboard with their computer and their smart TV.

And there is no complicated pairing process. Simply connect the Bluetooth dongle to your computer or smart TV and flick on the switch on the keyboard and it’s working.

The K830 keyboard has smooth responsive keys for easy accurate typing.

Along the top row are a set of functions keys and media controls while the trackpad and left and right mouse buttons take up the right hand portion of the device.

This was extremely useful when connected to a smart TV.

We linked the Logitech K830 to a Samsung and a Sharp smart TV and we were able to easily navigate the browser with the track pad like we would with a mouse on our computer.

And it took away another frustration of smart TV users – entering text.

Instead of pecking away at an on-screen virtual keyboard with your TV’s remote, the K830 lets you type freely when typing in passwords, making searches or typing in web addresses.

The K830 is 36.7mm long, 12.5cm high and 1.65cm thick. It has a rounded lightweight design so it’s comfortable to use it while resting on your lap.

It works in the usual Bluetooth range of up to 10m metres and has a rechargeable battery onboard that can last up to 10 days between charges.

The Logitech K830 Illuminated Living Room Keyboard is priced at $129.95.

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  • Terry Wysocki

    Did you connect the keyboard to your Samsung TV via Bluetooth or the dongle? I have a Samsung UN55JS700DF and the Bluetooth was not seen by the TV. I connected with the USB dongle, but still have issues (mouse tracking is not smooth) from 10′ away.