earSHOTS earphones review: built for adventurers and held in place with magnets


If you value your outdoor adventures and activities as much as your music then earSHOTS is a perfect solution because once they are attached they're not going anywhere.

There is no shortage of wirefree earphones on the market but not all of them can meet the demands of active outdoor users in terms of comfort and stability and that’s where earSHOTS come in.

earSHOTS have a one size and one shape fits all design and have a magnetic ear clip to ensure they don’t fall out or dislodge when you’re on your run, your climb or your ride.

The earphones wrap around your ear and attach magnetically from the tip to the base through the back of your ear so they are locked in place.

This proprietary magnetic ear clip design can withstand the sharp shocks, speed and functional movements of action sports.

The earSHOTS are made of flexible materials so they can mould to the shape and size of your ears along with the curvature of your head.

Naturally the earSHOTS are IPX4 rated which means completely weatherproof.

earSHOTS were designed by James Bell-Booth who was growing frustrated with his earphones falling off while training for the T42 adventure race in NZ’s Tongariro National Park.

He was inspired to create a product that would allow freedom of movement.

Bell-Booth quickly discovered other earphones we’re not suited to high performance and high velocity environments and came up with the earSHOTS design to enable it to withstand all kinds of movements.

Five years of research and development went into the creation of the earSHOTS and to perfect the layered cushioning system that sits between your ear and the magnetic ear clip.

The unique ear bud design uses bone conduction and air conduction to create balanced audio with environmental audio awareness.

The earphones do not have noise cancellation so you can stay connected to your surroundings while still enjoying impressive audio quality.

It is also possible to just wear one of the earSHOTS if you want to make it even easier to hear your surroundings.

The earSHOTS rest comfortably on your ears and, unlike other earphones, don’t have to be inserted into your ear canal which can cause discomfort during exercise and activity.

Audio quality is impressive and offers a high level of detail and decent bass.

The earphones connect effortlessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can hear your content on the go as well as make and receive calls.

Users can play and pause their music via a single button on the rear of each earphone.

That button placement was an interesting choice and it’s harder to reach if you are wearing a helmet or glasses.

There is plenty of space on the side of each earpiece to place control buttons.

The earphones will run for about four hours and can be recharged using the case which can provide a total of 20 hours of use.

earSHOTS are available now and priced at $159.


If you value your outdoor adventures and activities as much as your music then earSHOTS is a perfect solution because once they are attached they’re not going anywhere.

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