Enjoy a big screen experience at home with the new Hisense 120-inch Laser Cinema

Hisense has launched its new 120-inch Laser Cinema in Australia to take the home cinema experience to a whole new level.

Going to a public cinema is just not possible for many Australians right now thanks to the COVID restrictions and lockdowns.

But with the new Hisense 120-inch Laser Cinema (120L5FSET) you can bring the big screen experience home.

This is a short throw projector that’s positioned just 35cm from your wall and that beams onto to the included 120-inch screen that can be mounted on your wall.

Priced at $7,999, the 120-inch Hisense Laser Cinema has 4K Ultra HD resolution with more than eight million megapixels so what you’ll see are sharp crisp images and brilliant colours.

“Our Laser Cinema offering provides Australians with a genuine home cinema, allowing them to experience the action like never before,” says Hisense national communications manager Kevin King Cabeliza.

“With the inclusion of a 120-inch screen, our Laser Cinema boasts exceptional resolution, astonishing depth, and razor-sharp detail, coupled with cinema-grade sound thanks to Dolby Atmos.

“With the rise of streaming services, the 120-inch Laser Cinema is perfectly placed for Australians looking to emulate a cinema sized viewing experience from the comfort of their home.”

Under the hood is the result of Hisense’s research and development – the X-Fusion technology – which brings 2,700 lumens of brightness from its light sources which will last more than 25,000 hours before the need for a lamp replacement.

“We introduced our 100-inch Laser last year to provide our customers with an immersive at-home-cinema experience, so it’s only natural that the 120L5FSET is the next iteration, boasting an even larger than life viewing experience, for those looking to take their home cinema to the next level,” King Cabeliza said.

The included 120-inch screen has been designed with ALR (ambient light rejection) so any surrounding light and glare, even when viewed during the day, won’t affect the picture quality.

The Hisense Laser Cinema has HDR (high dynamic range) so it’s up with competing TVs and other similar products in terms of true-to-life colour and contrast.

On the audio side, the Hisense unit also offers surround sound speakers which includes Dolby Atmos so you’re right in the middle of the action.

Also onboard is the Hisense VIDAA operating system – VIDAA U4 – which offers an easy interface and access to the most popular streaming services.

The Hisense 120L5FSET Laser Cinema (120-inch) is priced at $7,999.

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