How to Install and Use CokerNutX App on your Phone

Now that Cydia is no longer in wide use, lots of users are looking for other ways of installing their third-party apps and games for free. Over time, several Cydia alternatives have become available, and one of the latest is called CokernutX.

It offers users tons of tweaked apps, modified games, and lots of other content for free, and anyone can use it as it doesn’t require a jailbreak to work. Here’s everything you need to know about this new unofficial app installer.

How to Download CokernutX:

CokernutX is pretty simple to download:

  1. Launch Safari browser and open the linked CokernutX download page.
  2. Tap the configuration profile download link
  3. Tap Install on the popup confirmation message and then go to your home screen.
  4. When CokernutX is installed, you will see the icon.
  5. Before you open it, go to your iOS Settings app.
  6. Tap on General > Profiles and Device Management
  7. Tap the CokernutX profile and then tap the Trust button
  8. Close the Settings app; CokernutX will now work without error.

What is CokernutX?

CokernutX is one of the latest app installers to be released, not just as an alternative to Cydia but also to the official app store. It is one of the best ways of installing third-party content for free, with plenty of modified apps and games, emulators, and more. Unlike many other installers of its kind, this one does not require you to use your Apple ID, so Apple cannot track you are using the app. One more thing that CokernutX does is removes geo-restrictions – any app can be used by any user anywhere in the world, regardless of whether there are any restrictions in place.

CokernutX App Features:

CokernutX offers all these cool features:

  • Ultimately Free – CokernutX is free to download and use, as is all the content, and there will never be any charge for it
  • No Jailbreak or Apple ID Required – no longer do you need to jailbreak to enjoy this kind of content, and you don’t have to provide your Apple ID and password either.
  • Secure – strong SSL encryption is included to keep your downloads safe, thus ensuring the safety of your data and device.
  • Plenty of Unofficial Content – thousands of apps, games, and more, modified and tweaked with extra features, fully working game emulators, screen recorders, and much more, none of which is found in the official store
  • User-Friendly – CokernutX has a straightforward interface and is simple to navigate and use
  • Full iOS Support – on all devices running iOS 14 or below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As with all third-party app installers, we get a lot of questions about CokernutX. These answer the most commonly asked:

What is CokernutX?

A third-party iOS platform with over 5000 apps, games, and more, including lots of modified and tweaked content.

Is CokernutX Free?

Yes, and it always will be, as is all the content in it.

Do I Have to Jailbreak or Provide My Apple ID?

No to both. CokernutX is free for anyone to enjoy. There is just one restriction – you must have iOS 8 or higher on your iPhone or iPad.

Can I Contact the Developers?

Yes, you can use their official Twitter feed to keep up with all the latest developments, report problems, request content, and more.

Are There Any Ads?

Yes, a couple but this is how the developers make their money, and the ads are not intrusive. However, the one thing that is not allowed in any advertising apps, and the developers are strict on that. Any app found to be offering to advertise is removed immediately.

How Do You Work Out What to Put In The Store?

When the app was first developed, it was just with popular modified content, but, over time, the app was evolved to contain more and more content. The focus is on delivering quality, safe content to ensure all users have an enjoyable experience with the app store.

Can I Republish the Apps?

Yes, you can. CokernutX is an open-source app, and the developers do not believe in restricting their users, so you are free to republish whatever you want.

Why Should I Use CokernutX Instead of Other Installers?

CokernutX is one of many similar installers, but it does offer a high-quality app user experience. With over 5000 apps, games, tweaks, and other content, it might not offer as much as lots of other installers, but what it offers is quality, working apps, and the app experience is second to none.

Try CokernutX on your iPhone or iPad today. It is simple to install and use, you don’t need to jailbreak your device, and it offers thousands of apps and games that you won’t find in the official app store.  Millions of users worldwide can’t be wrong, so join them and make CokernutX your new app store.

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