Suunto unveils the 9 Peak – its sleek new flagship sports watch

Suunto, the global leader in sports watches, has revealed the new Suunto 9 Peak sports watch – the thinnest, smallest and toughest watch the company has ever built.

The Suunto 9 Peak is the company’s latest flagship watch and has been designed to accompany users on their adventures and experiences and to monitor their training and exercise.

The watch has been tested in the harshest conditions and boasts up to 170 hours of GPS recording capacity along with blood oxygen measurement and a full battery charge in just one hour.

“When we design a new watch, we start by assessing the desired user experience and combine that with our latest technology developments,” says Heikki Norta, Suunto’s president.

“We found that many people wanted all the features of the Suunto 9 Baro, but in a smaller, streamlined form factor, without compromising on battery life or the feature set.

“Our team of designers and engineers worked closely together to develop Suunto 9 Peak as an answer to this need.

“Building on our heritage of 85 years crafting products for adventure, we are proud to release this watch with a new minimalistic Nordic design.”

Aimed at the active user, the 9 Peak has a slick design and is made of Grade 5 titanium for lighter weight and added comfort.

It also has an in-built convenient automatic backlight and a blood oxygen sensor for altitude acclimation.

It’s also a sports wearable companion and training tool and includes more than 80 sport modes including running, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and swimming with customizable screens to show the most relevant data for your exercise.

The device also has an intelligent battery management system along with accurate wrist-based heart monitoring.

And if you’re enjoying the great outdoors the Suunto 9 Peak can also provide in-depth weather insights as well as a range of on-watch navigation capabilities.

The watch also works seamlessly with the Suunto app to enable features like route planning with sport specific heat maps.

The app can also allow the user to discover new locations and create points of interest and a look back on previous adventures with personal heatmaps.

“You learn quickly while traveling that having gear you can trust can mean the difference between a life changing experience and a failure,” says Chris Burkard, Professional Photographer, Global Adventurer, and newest member of the Suunto Brand Ambassador Team.

“The Suunto products for me epitomize adventure worthy equipment and that’s why I trust them in the harshest of conditions and for prolonged use.

“It’s been hard to find something that feels as comfortable on my hand as a camera, the Suunto 9 Peak may have just secured its spot.”

The Suunto 9 Peak will be available in two different styles and four nature inspired colours: Granite Blue Titanium and Birch White Titanium, made with sapphire glass and Grade 5 titanium and All Black and Moss Grey with sapphire glass and stainless steel.

The Suunto 9 Peak is expected to go on sale in late July. Pricing has yet to be announced.

All-new upgrades for the Suunto 9 Peak include:

– Minimalistic Nordic design, which is 37% thinner and 36% lighter than the award-winning Suunto 9 Baro

– Blood oxygen level measurements to help determine acclimation levels at higher altitudes. (The Suunto 9 Peak is not a medical device and is not intended for diagnosing or monitoring medical conditions.)

– Automatic backlight intensity adjustment depending on lighting conditions

– Faster charging: 100 per cent battery in 1 hour

– Improved watch strap with new metal fastening pin

– Added watch face that showcases weekly training metrics and inspires new routines

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