Forget your regular toothbrush – Y Brush can clean your teeth in just 10 seconds

Brushing your teeth can be a chore – especially for kids – but now there’s a product that can get the job done in just 10 seconds. It’s called Y Brush and Tech Guide got its hands on it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Y Brush looks like a mouthguard on a stick and looks like the letter Y which is probably why it’s called the Y Brush.

Now you’ve heard of electric toothbrushes – but they still require the user to brush one tooth at a time and hence the reason why it’s recommended to brush for two minutes.

We have 32 teeth in our mouth which each have three visible angles so that’s 96 surfaces that need to be cleaned.

With Y Brush – you simply place it on one row your teeth and it will wash them all at once.

And it only takes five seconds.

That means you can do your top teeth and bottom teeth in just 10 seconds.

The Y Brush has the same bristles as a toothbrush positioned on the inside of the mouthguard so it can brush every side of every tooth at the same time.

Users simply add their toothpaste, place the Y Brush in their mouth – turn the device on and make a chewing action for 5 seconds then flip, rinse and repeat for your other row of teeth.

The Y Brush is like an electric brush and has a motor in the handle to it can vibrate in your mouth and simulate a brushing and cleaning action.

The handle has three vibration modes that can adapt to your sensitivity. There are also different sized mouthpieces – one for adults and one for kids.

The Y Brush is available now and is priced from $US125 from

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense

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