The Rise of Skywalker SPOILER FREE review – perhaps the best Star Wars film of them all

They saved the best till last! The Rise of Skywalker is arguably the best Star Wars film of them all. And that’s coming from someone who saw the first Star Wars movie in the theatre 42 years ago and has been a die-hard, tragic, mega-fan ever since.

This is a SPOILER FREE review – you have my word that I will not reveal any plot details or anything that will affect your enjoyment of The Rise of Skywalker.

I want you to experience this movie the same way that I did – with my heart pumping, with tears in my eyes, with laughter, joy and hope.

And a deep sense of satisfaction.

Director JJ Abrams had a lot of pressure on him to bring the saga to a close – not only this new trilogy but all of the nine films.

And he stuck the landing better than an Olympic gold medal gymnast.

There is so much action and movement and emotion in this movie – I felt like I’d run a marathon when the end credits rolled.

You’ll definitely need multiple viewings to take it all in. There is a lot to process – and by that I don’t mean it is confusing.

Right from the opening fanfare and the crawl – you’re in!

From the first sentence after Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker appeared on the screen – they had me.

And it is action from the word go – no easing gently into story – you’re thrown in the deep end head first.

I might as well have been sitting on a stool because I don’t think my back ever touched the back of my seat – I was leaning forward engrossed the whole time.

The story is very well crafted and each of the characters have plenty to do.

They are all on their own journeys and they all come up against obstacles – it is great storytelling.

What is also evident is how well JJ Abrams and his co-writer, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio, know Star Wars and the universe where the saga takes place.

There was no shortage of moments where I was just saying “Wow”.

They added so many amazing touches and callbacks and surprises – it was like the garnish on a beautiful meal. And you’ll want a second and third helping of that meal.

All these things were happening and unfolding and revealing themselves.

But don’t for a minute think JJ Abrams was just ticking things off a clipboard to bring this beast of a saga in for a landing.

This story not only stands on its own but it reveals things that will have you asking even more question.

But they are all answered brilliantly.

The Rise of Skywalker has a run-time of two hours and 22 minutes and not a second of that is wasted.

Now I won’t lie – I was in tears at several points in the movie – sad tears, happy tears and tears of joy.

But it also had a nice level of humour in it as well.

And enough action to even tire Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive before watching The Rise of Skywalker.

I was praying JJ Abrams and Chris Terrio would get it right – make a good movie, keep the fans happy, create new fans and tie it all up in a satisfying way – and my prayers were answered.

Go and see this movie – and then go and see it again.

And remember – the Force will be with you – always.

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