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Bellroy lightens your load by combining a wallet with an iPhone case


We already carry around our phones but wouldn’t it be good if we could leave our wallet at home? Bellroy, the company that makes slim wallets, has created a product that combines a phone case with a wallet.

Bellroy has created two iPhone cases that can also hold cash and credit cards along with a regular wallet and travel wallet that can hold cards cash and a spare SIM card.

Usually wallets have space enough for your cash and credit cards, but Bellroy has taken tech-savvy users into consideration and made a spot to store a loose SIM card.

BELLROY iPHONE CASES  – $64.95 (1 CARD), $74.95 (3 CARDS)

There are two Bellroy cases that have been made for the iPhone 6.

The cases exude quality and are made from vegetable tanned leather around a polycarbonate shell.


They are lined with soft microfiber and have precise openings for the buttons, camera, speaker and port.

On the inside within the lining at the top edge is a small pocket to securely store a spare nano SIM card.

And of course the case can double as your wallet. Users can fold a couple of bills behind the phone inside the case and fit their credit cards in a special slot on the rear of the case.


The Bellroy single credit card case ($64.95) allows users to securely hold their credit card or Opal travel card.

A small opening at the top makes it easy to pop the card out with your thumb when you need to use it.

In the case of a contactless payment card or an Opal card, they will still work even if they are left inside the case.

The three card case ($74.95) lets you slip the cards from the top and bottom of the slot.


And Bellroy has stayed true on its mission to keep wallets slim. Even fully loaded with cash and cards, the iPhone 6 case is no thicker than a regular case.

Available in Black, Blue Steel, Tamarillo and Java.

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek

HIDE AND SEEK ($99.95)

Bellroy prides itself on style and design but also has a knack for fitting in a lot of things in a small wallet.

The Hide and Seek wallet, made of premium vegetable tanned cow leather, has room for up to 12 credit cards with four quick access slots for your most often-used cards.


It also has a hidden bill section to keep the larger denomination bills out of view and a SIM card slot that can fit two cards – a full size SIM or a nano or micro SIM.

It’s ideal for travellers who want to store their spare SIM card and separate their currencies.


Hide and Seek is backed by a three-year warranty and is available in Black, Cocoa, Cognac, Java and Slate.

Travel Wallet
Travel Wallet


It’s hard to believe that Bellroy can make a travel wallet that’s so small and so slim and yet it can fit so much.

Now the term “travel light” has real meaning with this product.


Made from high quality vegetable tanned cow leather, the Travel Wallet can fit in your passport, boarding passes and as well as all your currency and up to 10 credit cards and frequent flyer cards.

And there’s a small pocket for a micro SIM or nano SIM so you can safely store your Australian SIM card while you put a foreign SIM in your smartphone.


There’s even a micro pen for filling in those landing cards which are usually handed to you when you either don’t have a pen or don’t have easy access to a pen.

The Travel Wallet also has a three-year warranty and is available in Cocoa, Midnight, Mocha and Slate.