Modern technology gives us many things.

SwissDigital smart bags can protect your devices and charge them too


In today’s digital world we carry around a lot of technology including our laptops and mobile devices and SwissDigital has released some smart bags that can protect them and keep them charged on the move.

But what makes them a level above a regular bag is the included tech features which include Bluetooth, audio controls, solar panels, LED lights and battery packs to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

All of the SwissDigital bags have internal wiring to connect the battery to a USB port on the outside of the bag for easy charging.

They are made from durable material that’d been coated to make them water repellent and are finished with satin finish chrome buckles and faux leather zip pulls.

And all of the bags have RFID protection to your credit cards, passports and hotel room keys can be scanned from inside the SwissDigital bags.

There are two collections of the smart SwissDigital bags – the Urban Collection and the Adventure Collection.

The Urban Collection includes the Defrag backpack, the Jumper messenger back and the Firewall roll top backpack.

The Adventure Collection is made up of backpacks – the Neon backpack, the Solar Shot and the Sound Byte.


DEFRAG – $265

This backpack has plenty of compartments to safely fit your devices but also all of your other stuff including chargers, cables and a change of clothes for an overnight stay.

There’s a quick access compartment for laptops up to 14-inches in size which makes it easy when going through airport security and a smartphone storage pocket that’s easily accessible.

What’s also onboard is Bluetooth so you can pair your smartphone and then control your playback on the controls which are conveniently located on the backpack strap.

And there’s also a headphone jack near these controls so you can connect your headphones and earphones there instead of directly to the device.

Handy for the iPhone 7 which doesn’t have a headphone jack so you can still connect your cable headphones to the bag which is linked wirelessly to the phone.

The USB port beside the controls allows users to connect their device to a battery pack (sold separately) to recharge the device on the move.


JUMPER – $235

This is a messenger bag model with a body-hugging shoulder strap with the same SwissDigital Touch System and Bluetooth to connect your devices and power them as well.


FIREWALL  – $235

Firewall is a rolltop multi-function backpack with a quick access laptop compartment with lots of storage space and zippered compartments.

And like all the other SwissDigital bags in the range, there’s also an RFID protected section to store your credit cards to ensure they can’t be scanned illegally.


NEON – $165

Part of the Adventure range, the Neon lives up to its name with four bright LED strips making it ideal for cyclists who want to be easily seen on the road.

It also has Smart Charge onboard near a smartphone storage pocket as well as RFID protection.

Customers can also add a hydration bladder so they can drink water during their ride.



Made of durable ripstop fabric, this backpack has a light solar panel that can be attached to the bag.

This can be used to recharge your battery or your mobile device using the power of the sun while you’re walking or riding.



Forget buying a separate Bluetooth speaker because this bag has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so can hear your music using without wearing headphones.

It is made of water repellent durable fabric with a padded breathable back section and straps along with an internal USB connection.