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Virgin Mobile is shutting down – so what do customers do now?


Virgin Mobile is closing down after Optus made the decision to phase out the brand over the next two years. So what are your options if you are a current Virgin Mobile customer?

If you are a Virgin Mobile customer, there is no need to panic.

The service will continue for up to two years with June 15, 2018 the cut-off for upgrading and selling new services with the mobile brand.

Virgin Mobile enjoyed 18 years in the Australian market as part of the Optus stable.

Even though the decision has been made to phase out the brand, current customers will still be able to use the service as normal with all current contracts being honoured.

Virgin Mobile retail stores will start closing down between June 4 and June 30.

After that date, Virgin Mobile customers can visit Optus retail stores if they have any enquiries, require SIM card replacements or have handset warranty claims.

This decision comes after a strategic review of the Optus and Virgin Mobile brands ahead of the expiry of the Virgin Mobile brand licence in 2020.

Ben White, Optus Managing Director, Marketing & Product, said: “As they are already connected to the Optus network, Virgin Mobile customers can continue to use their service in the same way they always have.

“We have a special transition plan in place to make sure the impact to customers is minimal, and the experience they have during this time is a positive one.”

“At Optus, we already consider Virgin Mobile customers to be part of our family, so we want the experience they have during this transition to be a positive one.

“To make things as easy as possible we are offering a range of great value plans suited to the way these customers are already using their mobile service on Optus’ premium, national mobile network.”