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Casio’s latest G-Shock watch connects to the iPhone with Bluetooth


casiobt2Casio has introduced it latest watch in the popular G-Shock range which now has Bluetooth onboard so it can link wirelessly to the iPhone.

The Casio G-Shock GB6900AA looks like a regular digital watch but with Bluetooth on board it can create a useful link to the iPhone using a dedicated app.

One of the benefits is never having to set the time on your watch ever again because the watch takes the time from the iPhone from the app and sets itself.

This is handy when landing in a foreign country and in a different time zone so when the iPhone automatically adjusts to the new time that will also carry over the Casio watch.

With the wireless link to the iPhone, the Casio Bluetooth G-Shock watch can also notify the wearer when new calls, messages and texts come with a notification on the watch’s screen that can be viewed at a glance.

The Casio Bluetooth G-Shock GB6900AA watch connect wirelessly to the iPhone

Ever forgotten where you put your iPhone down in your home? The Casio GB6900AA can connect to the device and sound an alarm to make it easier to locate even if it has been switched to silent.

And you’ll never leave your iPhone behind with a facility for the watch to alert you with a vibration if the Casio and watch the iPhone is out of range and loses its connection.

The Casio Bluetooth G-Shock GB6900AA watch

The Casio Bluetooth G-Shock GB6900AA is priced at $US180 and is available in gloss white, gloss black, gloss blue resin and gloss brown resin.

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