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Top Five Grammar Apps to Help You Improve Your Writing


It is very difficult to know a writer that has experience from one that does not. The setup of words, punctuations, and tone stages him/her away from others. Not everyone writes perfectly. Mistakes are made in documents, emails, blog posts or even chats while entering words with a keyboard. And unless they are highlighted or underlined, they may go unnoticed.

This slip-up can be a wrong use of a punctuation mark, incorrect words, clichés in sentences, and more.

Helpful Writing Apps to Upgrade Your Grammar Rules

A perfect text means writing accurate basic grammar rules. But it is not necessary to study grammar to make a good impression. There are online apps that help improve grammar and vocabulary by identifying errors and correcting them. They can be called the “perfect writers” on laptops and phones. A good example is the Essay pro online service that concentrates on writing students’ essays and giving back work that is original and has no grammatical blunder.

In this article, we’ve brought together five checker apps for grammar that is considered best by users. They check for plagiarism, spelling errors, poor use of punctuation marks, and proofread content to improve your English structure.


1) Grammarly Keyboard

2) Hemingway Editor

3) Scribens

4) Ginger Software

5) Virtual Writing Tutor


Grammarly keyboard substitutes the default keyboard on a phone to identify spelling typos. It is one popular app for checking grammatical mistakes in written texts. It has a free and paid version.

The free version points out errors only in the first 400 words inputted. Sentences and phrases are corrected and identified through its Al detector. Words that have similar meanings to what is typed are suggested on the keyboard. The free version provided briefly in texts and information on how to write better.

Grammarly paid version requires a premium subscription that cost at least $12 a month depending on your choice of plan. It provides access to more features. The number of errors it can detect is high, compared to the free version. And this makes it possible to detect all the errors in a document. It has its checker for plagiarism and an advanced Al detector that searches for additional errors in texts. Grammarly Keyboard can be installed as an extension of a browser, in Microsoft Office, or as an application on desktops and phones.

Benefits of Grammarly Keyboard

1) It capitalizes words.

2) Edits, corrects, and revises phrases, words and punctuations.

3) It has qualities that will easily proofread and replace common spelling typos.

4) It is considered best because of how it corrects grammar.

5) It makes it possible for users to choose between a dark theme or a light theme.

6) It has its dictionary.


Hemingway is named after a prominent writer “Earnest Hemingway”. This app teaches how to use a word dictionary in a short and clear sentence and create texts that can be easily read. It will illuminate sentences that are difficult to read, in yellow. And sentences that are more difficult to read, in red. It encourages users to make use of simpler words instead of difficult ones that cannot be easily understood. Hemingway Editor is free for Apple, Windows devices and Mac. But for the desktop app to work, $19.99 must be paid just once.

Benefits of Hemingway

1) The app uses a color code to highlight suggestions.

2) It is very easy to use.

3) It is available online and for desktops.

4) It corrects long documents easily.

5) The online version does not require to be installed or any login.

6) It is one of the few apps that provides free learning of English words.


This app has the familiar qualities of the Grammarly Keyboard. It offers additional information like several words and makes corrections to over 250 spelling errors, which include homonyms, typography, and so on. The time required to read a document or text highlights a new margin and notes the number of sentences. There is an option that allows users the choice to select synonyms.

Scribens will point errors out and offer corrections for them. Like the others, it owns a free and paid version. The free version shows ads and provides qualities for grammar checks. The paid version shows no ads and can allow users to back up data and identify and revise errors in documents not more than 50 pages and 200,000 words.

Benefits of Scribens

1) It is an advanced app that corrects grammar.

2) It has features for auto-correction.

3) It corrects over 200 grammatical mistakes.

4) When it comes to checking grammar mistakes, it is one of the best.

5) It is straightforward and simple.

6) It provides the same benefits as Grammarly.


The Ginger Keyboard has a free and paid version. The software offers limited services in the free version. It only notices a maximum of 300 words for spelling, grammar and more. Its corrections and rephrases are powered by innovative technology. Ginger highlights corrections and shows alternatives that best fit the meaning of the words highlighted. Its dictionary enables users to save words on it.

The premium version does not limit words that can be checked at once. It replaces the keyboard, dictionary and translator on phones once installed. It can translate more than 30 languages and has additional benefits along with the benefits of the free version. Subscription is done yearly or monthly. For a monthly subscription, $13.99 will be paid monthly. While a yearly subscription will require $7.49 to be paid every month.

Benefits of Ginger Keyboard

1) It is one of the best.

2) It can check and translate grammar.

3) It analyses errors.

4) Its features include a personal trainer and text reader.

5) It rephrases sentences.

6) It is very fast in providing revised editions.


Virtual writing tutor offers another type of feature. It is possible to look for mistakes in a 3000-word document if registration has been completed. If it has not been done, only a text of 1000 words and less can be searched on the app and is 100% free for all members. The checker makes it possible to avoid the use of repeated and overused words in texts.

Benefits of Virtual Writing Tutor

1) One of the tops for correcting and revising mistakes.

2) It improves grammar.

3) It checks vocabulary and enriches it.

4) It checks spelling and the use of punctuation.

5) Avoid using repeated phrases.

6) It checks the count of words.


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