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Tech Tips – Where Should Businesses Be Spending Money in 2019?


If you are a business owner, you’re probably always on the hunt for ways in which you can improve your services, boost productivity, and increase your efficiency. If you’re looking to bring your business to the next level in 2019, there are certain areas of the business in which you should be investing your money. In this article, we look at exactly where you should be spending coin on to further the growth of your business in 2019, so read on to find out more!

Upgrade Your Internet Service

If your internet speeds have been crawling in recent times, one of the best things you can invest in is a quality broadband service such as high-speed wireless internet by Spirit. Slow internet speeds can truly negatively impact your business as they reduce overall employee productivity levels and reduce business efficiency. High quality internet will enable you to send out/receive emails quickly, upload information to the cloud reliably, and engage in video conferences with potential clients and partners.

Speedy internet will also assist you in engaging with customers quickly online, and enable your employees to get things done in as little time as possible. In an age where everyone basically lives on the internet, it is essential that you not just stay connected, but ensure you have the best connection to the internet as possible.

Focus On Design

When it comes to design, it is essential that you are constantly keeping up to date with current trends. This includes updating your logos, the format of the newsletters you send out and most importantly, the overall aesthetic of your company website. A website that is not up to date, or that looks outdated is something that is almost definitely going to drive customers away from your business.

Your website is often the first impression a potential client or customer will have when they encounter your brand, and they will form an opinion of your businesses almost instantly. This is why it is so important that you keep your website, logo and any other media aspects of your business looking fresh, up to date and professional. Hiring a quality web designer and graphic designer is one of the best ways of doing this, as it is in their profession to keep up with things that are trending, and they will be able to assist you in streamlining your overall online presence.

Accounting Services

Chances are, you already have some sort of accounting system in place. Whether you handle accounts manually or with an accounting software, there is always an opportunity to upgrade your systems in order to make your accounting process more efficient. Investing in the services of an accounting firm, or upgrading your accounting software can assist you in controlling expenditure, handling the invoicing system and further the growth of your business.

Properly documenting your financial stats will make it easier for you to pinpoint what needs to change, where things can be improved and help you calculate your taxes at the end of the financial year. Avoid the headache of panicking last minute by investing in accounting services for your business.

Upgrade Your Technology

In an age where even senior citizens have smartphones, it makes complete sense that you should upgrade the technology in the workplace. You can start off by ensuring that you have the latest software installed on computers, a strong cell coverage to ensure that you’re not missing out on important calls, and machinery that is up to date. This includes notebooks, desktop computers, photocopiers, printers and telephones. Technology is so incredibly important to business in 2019, and neglecting to keep up with the times could possibly end up in a huge loss of revenue and a decrease in your reputation overall.

Change Of Environment

Many believe that maintaining a good looking workspace isn’t as important as upgrading other facets of the business, but did you know that the workspace has a direct impact on the wellbeing of your employees? Afterall, most people spend up to 30% of their time in the workplace, and one can only imagine how depressing that might get if they had to stare at grey walls and work under dim light.

If you’re looking to boost business productivity, have a look at your environment. Could it do with a little sprucing up? Small touches like adding green plants, a coffee machine or artwork to the workspace can make a world of difference to the moods of your employees. A happy employee is one that is productive and efficient, so spending money on your surroundings is something that we highly recommend.


We hope that this article has helped you in figuring out where you should be spending money for your business in 2019.