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7 benefits of Facebook marketing for small businesses


Commanding a total of 2.6 billion monthly users, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular tools for online marketing. As such, most businesses strive to leverage on the huge audience to improve conversions.

Recent statistics indicate that over 200 million small businesses across the World utilize Facebook for publicity and advertising.

 Though some entrepreneurs are yet to embrace the role of Facebook in advertising, well-optimized Facebook ads can yield impressive results. All you need to do is roll out an aggressive campaign for Facebook likes.

With an increased number of Facebook likes for your business page, more people are likely to become familiar with your business. This plays a critical role in creating brand awareness and improving impressions.

Have you integrated Facebook marketing into your marketing strategy? If not, then you are missing out on a very important online marketing strategy. So, what are the key benefits of Facebook marketing for small businesses? Read on!

1. Easier to target a specific audience

Contrary to traditional marketing that is difficult to target a specific audience, Facebook’s advertising features come in handy to help you choose the most suitable market you intend to target. In this regard, users can easily reach out to their prospects through leveraging facebooks retargeting tools. 

However, the facebooks ad feature allows users to set a budget, create an ad and target a specific audience. This saves on the high cost of advertising and improves returns on ad spend (ROAS).

2. Cost-effective

Comparatively, Facebook advertising is cheap and more affordable especially for start-ups and small businesses. Facebook advertising help slash your advertising budget by almost half the cost you’d have incurred in traditional advertising.

Generally, all you need is to set up a small budget, target your audience and allow it to run as per the period you choose on the campaign set up. If executed properly, the chances of achieving high returns on investment are higher compared to traditional advertising.

3. Improves customer service

Customer service is a critical element in business operations. Besides customer outreach, Facebook marketing helps improve the relationship between a brand and the target audience. Unlike traditional advertising which is usually one way, Facebook marketing creates room for customer feedback. In that case, it is easier to repackage a product with better features that satisfy customer demands.

Additionally, it’s easier to address client concerns and improve on service delivery. The bottom line, you are likely to more loyal customers and earn positive reviews from clients which are important for growth.

Furthermore, a combination of text, graphics, videos, and pictures associated with online advertising help induce action thereby improving conversions. To bolster engagement, you can opt to leverage on messenger bot, Facebook groups and invest time in live videos to reach out to clients.

4. Free data analysis

Understanding customer persona is important to help address the needs of your target clients from an informed point of view. In that regard, Facebook provides users with real-time data about the performance of their ad campaigns. This helps you decide the most effective campaign and discontinue the ones you think are performing well.

The conversion rates within the Ads manager feature on Facebook help you see the total number of likes on your business page, performance, reach, and engagement on the post. Facebook offers you flexibility in your online advertising.

Besides proper planning for effective marketing campaigns, the Facebook ad features help you track the general performance of your ads. Therefore you can track the performance of your ads and use the results to ascertain the impact of the campaigns on your brand visibility.

5. Effective marketing strategy

If you find yourself struggling with your campaigns on other platforms then, it’s high time you try out Facebook ad manager. With the ever-evolving Facebook marketing features, you can choose to leverage Facebook remarketing to reach out to prospects that may have seen your brand earlier.

 To entice the client, you can offer to reduce the price to convert your traffic. Remarketing is ideal in showing a prospect a product in the future with an aim of conversion.

A good example is sharing a Facebook exclusive coupon code along with some offers to drive them to complete a purchasing action they may have initiated earlier. In this case, the Facebook tracking feature helps you identify clients who could have bounced. You can then roll out a targeted ad based on their purchasing behavior. 

6. Easier conversion through the call to action feature

Facebooks call to action feature comes in handy in improving conversion. The custom call to action feature makes it easier to give prospects instructions on how they can order a particular product or service. This can either be through a subscription form, how to install an app, or even watching a video. Ideally, CTAs play a critical role in conversions.

A report compiled by Ad roll indicates that businesses that integrate the call to action button on their Facebook ad campaigns are likely to experience an increase of up to 2.85X in the number of conversions.

7.  Driving traffic to your website

Notably, the importance of organic traffic on a website can not be underscored. You can leverage Facebook ad features to drive traffic back to your website. Though most Facebook users get to Facebook for engagement and fun, they are likely to visit your website in case the content shared is relevant to them. The only way to achieve this is by publishing interesting content enticing enough to send visitors to your site.

Rather than investing in online scams purporting to sell website traffic, you can choose to invest time in growing your Facebook likes through sharing content on various pages. That way, you are likely to get real followers and improve your website traffic.

Final thoughts

Facebook is not only a robust advertising tool but one of the most cost-effective platforms that you can use to grow your business. Besides engagement, Facebook guarantees transparency for your business making it easier to win the trust and loyalty of more prospects. If you haven’t thought about integrating Facebook in your online ad campaigns, then it’s high time you try it out.