Modern technology gives us many things.

Tech Guide’s look at some of the quirkiest gadgets from CES


If there is one place where you’re likely to find new and quirky gadgets it is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where a lot of unusual products are introduced to the world.

It’s appropriate these gadgets are seen for the first time in Vegas.

For these companies it’s their first big roll of the dice for a product they’ve been working on for years.

Will it they hit the jackpot? Will it be a flop?

CES Unveiled – the preview event before the show proper – is filled with these products that are all hoping to be the next big thing.

Here are five of the gadgets that caught Tech Guide’s eye at CES Unveiled:



Those of you who suffer motion sickness will be interested to hear about the Relief Band.

The device straps to the underside of your wrist and uses neuromodulation – Relief Band’s proprietary technology – that uses the body’s neural pathways to prevent your body’s mechanism that causes nausea.

If you feel a tingling feeling in the palm and middle fingers you know Relief Band is working.


This drug free solution can be used when travelling on planes, on trains, in cars, on ships, on rollercoasters and even while you’re pregnant to prevent morning sickness.

This technology has been proven in clinical trials and has been used by doctors to treat nausea and vomiting.



Hydrao is a smart shower head that can track your water consumption and guide you to set limits on your usage.

With Hydrao, users can use the companion app (before you take your shower, of course!) to work out your water thresholds which are indicated at each level by different colours.


Then when you’re in the shower, you can see the colours working up to the threshold you’ve set so you now when to turn the water off.

The intuitive Bluetooth device can be used to track our water usage and also teach children good habits so they’re not wasting water.



Pic is literally changing the shape of high definition cameras.

The long narrow device is made of flexible material that allows it to be wound around objects so it can be positioned to film whatever you’re doing.

It shoots full high definition video, captures 8-megapixel images, has a 16GB internal memory and has a simple one-button operation.

Pic has a 120-degree field of view and a IPX7 rating which means it’s splash proof.

With the Pic app, users can use their smartphone to activate the shutter remotely and when you’re done filming you can transfer the content to your computer or to your smartphone using a USB cable.

It’s available in five colours and also in character models to make them fun for kids to use.



A normal alarm clock usually uses noise to wake you up but the Sensorwake is no normal alarm clock.

This is an olfactory alarm clock which means it wakes you with smell.

The Sensorwake allows users to set the time they want to wake up before they insert a smell capsule before going to bed.


Then when it’s time to wake you up, Sensorwake emits a smell to gently rouse you from sleep without sound.

Capsule packs have a number of smell choices including espresso, hot croissant, seaside, lush jungle, chocolate or invigorating peppermint.



Getting your nails done has changed thanks to iNail – the intelligent nail printer.

The product, which would probably be sold to a salon, makes it possible for customers to have intricate designs and pictures printed directly on their nails when they position their hands inside the device.


iNail can also print out up to 20 acrylic nails at a time that can be glued on to your real nails.

The 13.3-inch screen on the front of the device makes is easy to choose your design and then create a finish that looks just as glossy as an automotive paint job.

 * Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG