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CCleaner for Mac 2 can declutter your Mac and make it run faster


If you’re a Mac user, naturally you want your computer to run as fast and as smoothly as possible and the new CCleaner application can help you do that.

CCleaner for Mac 2 can optimise your Mac, save you hard drive space and even boost your privacy.

The application has been revamped and is available in both free and proferssional versions.

The software includes a disc cleaner, browser cleaner, app uninstaller and a new photo cleaner that can detect and delete duplicate and poorly shot images to get you back valuable hard disk space.

It’s like a declutter for your Mac – and a decluttered Mac runs a lot faster.

“Even with Apple’s advanced technology, MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini, users can still suffer from storage and battery life issues, the result of excessive applications and redundant installed data,” says David Peterson, General Manager of CCleaner.

“Rebuilt from scratch, CCleaner for Mac allows users to optimise ageing devices or keep new ones healthier for longer.”

Here’s what CCleaner for Mac 2 can do:


CCleaner for Mac 2 can scan your Mac’s hard drive and any attached storage drives and get you a lot of space back.

What it looks for here are cache files and other cache data that can take up lots of space.

The application also looks for long forgotten large downloaded files along with other hidden files like video edit files, ISO files and virtual machines.

And you’d be surprised how much space you can get back.

On the first scan of our iMac, CCleaner for Mac 2 cleared 26.4GB of junk from our hard drive.

When it completes the first scan you can go in and select what you want to get rid of and what you’d like to keep but it will get into every nook and cranny and uncover files that you either didn’t know existed or had long forgotten.


Our browsers are one of our most used applications and CCleaner for Mac 2 can get in and scan for redundant browser cache files, history cookies and autofill data.

It works on Safari, Chrome and Edge for macOS.

Removing these items regularly from your browser can increase your online privacy and security.


The CCleaner for Mac 2 Professional version includes a photo cleaner that can not only detect duplicated images but also weed out poorly lit and blurry images as well.

Photos and videos take up a lot of room and deleting duplicates and your poor images will get you back valuable space.


Users can see their full list of applications as well as the last time you opened it and the amount of space it’s taking up.

And when you uninstall the app with CCleaner for Mac 2, it not only removes the app but also the associated library and cache files and everything else you would miss if you just dragged the application to the trash.

You can select multiple apps to uninstall at the same time.

In our last scan we uninstalled eight apps and got back 3.6GB of space.

CCleaner for Mac 2 can remove junk from your Mac, give you back valuable disk space, make your Mac run more efficiently and increase your privacy and security.

CCleaner for Mac 2 is available now as a free version which includes disk cleaning, app uninstaller, and duplicate finder features.

The Professional version, which can be purchased for $47.95 for a 12-month subscription, also includes the new photo cleaner, automated browser cleaning and more.