OlloClip lenses make your iPhone camera even better and more versatile

Your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus already have great cameras to capture excellent quality images but now there is a product called the OlloClip that can make them even better and more versatile.

The OlloClip Active Lens ($154.95) has two lenses (2x zoom and ultra wide) and is designed to slip over the top of the iPhone and rest over either the front or rear camera.

And each of the products come with inserts to ensure a perfect fit whether you’re using an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus.

The OlloClip 4-in-1 lens ($154.95) – ultra wide, fish eye, 10x macro and 15x macro – comes with a case that makes it even easier to slip the lenses into place on the front or rear iPhone camera.

When attaching to the rear camera, the OlloClip has a small rail inside the lens to guide it into place above the iPhone’s lens.

The same thing goes when locating the front lens of the iPhone. Having the OlloClip case makes this a lot easier.

But even without the case it was still simple to place the Olloclip.

One thing we noted with the OlloClips was they covered a sensor that affected the auto brightness feature for the display.

Regular iPhone 6 Plus camera
… and with the OlloClip wideangle lens
A selfie with the regular iPhone 6 Plus front facing camera
… and one with OlloClip wideangle lens

The solution was to turn off the auto brightness in the settings. Once we did this, the display remained bright even with the OlloClip in place.

And, in terms of the photos, the results speak for themselves. The OlloClips lenses offer edge-to-edge clarity.

The normal iPhone 6 Plus camera
…. and the OlloClip 2x Zoom lens
The iPhone 6 Plus camera zoomed in as far as it can go
…. and the OlloClip 2x Zoom lens as far as it can go

The wideangle lens allows you to fit so much more into the picture whether you’re shooting a landmark or taking a selfie.

The 2x zoom lens lets you get twice as close and offers significant magnification.

The OlloClip FishEye

And the macro lenses get you closer to objects than ever before.

In fact, the iPhone’s lenses on it own are not able to achieve these macro focal lengths.

The iPhone 6 Plus close up image
….. and with the OlloClip 10x macro
…. and with the OlloClip 15x macro

The OlloClip lenses comes with lanyards and small protective storage bags.




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