Plantronics BackBeat GO wireless in-ear headphones review

Plantronics has released the BackBeat GO – its lightest and smallest wireless in-ear headphones ever – so you can enjoy music and make and receive calls minus the tangle of cables.

The BackBeat GO can link wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and MP3 players.

For audio streaming the BackBeat GO has A2DP on board to allow digital streaming without loss of audio quality.

The left and right earbuds are connected with a single cable but don’t need to connect physically to your audio source.

Weighing in at just 13grams, Plantronics BackBeat GO are comfortable to wear and ship with three different sized silicone soft tips and a stabiliser to ensure the best fit for the user.

Each earpiece is only slightly larger than the earpiece found on a wired pair of in-ear headphones

On the cable below the right earbud is a microphone and inline controls so users connected to their smartphones can also makes and receive calls wirelessly as well.

This control also acts as a remote control to navigate your music and control the volume.

So how do the Plantronics BackBeat GO headphones sound? Remarkably good. Our music was clear and detailed with a healthy level of bass.

Range with the headphones are about 10m before the music starts to drop in and out but far enough to allow users to leave their audio device in their bag or on their desk for clear wireless music streaming.

If the Plantronics BackBeat GO is connected to an iPhone or an iPad it displays an on-screen battery meter so you’ll know exactly how much power you have left.

Android 3.0 and 4.0 users can also download the free Plantronics MyHeadset app to monitor your battery use.

Speaking of power, users can enjoy up to four and half hours of listening or talktime and 10 hours of standby time.

We would have liked a longer battery life but that’s the price of not having to connect your cable.

Another price to pay for wireless use of the BackBeat GO is having a constant Bluetooth connection will also impact on your device’s battery as well.

The Plantronics BackBeats GO are a great way to escape your cables for a convenient connection to your music and calls.

They are priced at $119.99 and are available from Vodafone stores now and other telco and retail outlets in the coming weeks.

Plantronics BackBeats Go

Price: $119.99

Three and a half stars (out of five)

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