The Force is strong with these Star Wars iPhone cases

The Force will be with you with these new limited edition Star Wars iPhone 4/4S cases which show 3D character representation, iconic imagery and classic poster art.

Created by PowerA and distributed in Australia by Bluemouth Interactive, the officially licenced cases will allow Star Wars fans to stay close to their favourite characters and images.

There are two character cases – R2D2 and Chewbacca each with 3D detailing and texture.

The R2D2 case features raised detailing for the grills and grooves while the Chewbacca has fur and a bandolier.

The other cases feature poster art and character images of the Star Wars saga.

And each case not only looks great, they are also sturdy and protect your iPhone 4/4S in case you drop it.

The Star Wars snap on cases have a small ridge that sits higher the screen so even if the phone lands screen first on the ground it will only have contact with the case.

The official Star Wars cases will go on sale exclusively at EB Games at the end of June. They will be priced at $29.95 (art cases) and $39.95 (3D cases).

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