Meet the latest hearing aid that connects to the internet and other devices

Hearing aids have come a long with and now feature lots of high-tech features and a great example is the Oticon Opn which can connect to the internet and talk directly with devices in the home.

The Oticon Opn has a state-of-the-art wireless built-in communication system and can be programmed to talk to doorbells, smoke detectors and alarms.

The device is designed for people to stay in touch with other items that can affect their health and safety.

The Oticon Opn uses the online service If This Then That ( which enables communication between products like doorbells, smartphones, home lighting as well as a range of home appliances so users can be alerted to the world around them.

“People with hearing loss depend on their hearing aid,” says James Battersby, Managing Director of Oticon Australia and New Zealand.

“A dead battery is much more than an inconvenience for the hearing impaired. An Internet of Things (IoT) hearing aid can address this issue by sending a text message to you when the battery is running alerting you to plug in and charge up.”

“Oticon’s revolutionary technology makes life easier and safer for people with hearing aids – a gentle ping in your hearing aid when the doorbell rings, an alert to a mother’s hearing aid from the baby alarm when her baby is crying, or having your hearing aid know to automatically turn off the lights and turn down the heat when you leave the house are just some of the ways people with hearing loss can benefit from this type of technology.”

Oticon sees IoT (internet of things) connectivity will redefine the humble hearing aid and transform into a more functional wearable.

It is estimated that by 2050, a quarter of all Australians will suffer from some form of hearing loss.

The Oticon Opn hearing aid will be available to view at Australia’s first consumer Technology and Gadget Expo, alongside other leading technologies this June 25th – 26th 2016.

“This is a significant step forward in terms of hearing aid innovation,” says Battersby.

“The hope is for people to see limitless possibilities for connection. We are moving beyond communicating within the healthcare space. We are stepping into new territory in the technology and gadget space – and this expo is the perfect fit.

“This will be the global launch direct to consumers of the world’s first internet connected hearing aids, and is not only amazing but also incredibly useful technology.”







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