Tesla adds PIN to drive security and free Enhanced Autopilot trials

Tesla drivers will have an added layer of security with an optional PIN to drive feature and will also be given a free 14-day trial of Enhanced Autopilot so they can experience their car’s self-driving capabilities.

The company is pushing out a software update which will allow all Tesla drivers to enable the added security of a PIN number before they can drive the vehicle.

When this is activated, the keypad appears on the main screen when the driver hits the brake pedal to turn on the car.

When the four-digit code is entered, the Tesla is ready to drive. If a driver can’t remember their code, they can enter their Tesla account credentials.

The move comes about after reports of Tesla vehicles being stolen in Europe.

It is suspected the thieves hijacked the key fob signal in what is being described as a “relay attack” to enter the vehicle before removing the Tesla’s built-in SIM card or using a GPS blocker to make the car untraceable.

Tesla has even sent an email to some owners suggesting ways they can better secure their car.

The company even suggested disabling Passive Entry – where the car unlocks when you approach the vehicle with your key fob – when parked in public places.

Tesla even recommended storing the key fob in a holder that blocks electronic transmissions like an RFID-blocking sleeve.

Relay attacks are not limited to Tesla vehicles – this method has been used to gain access to other vehicles in the past.

But, unlike other vehicles, Tesla has sent out a software update to provide a solution to the issue.

Tesla drivers who have not enabled Enhanced Autopilot are also now being offered free 14-day trials of the self-driving feature so they can experience it before deciding to pay for the upgrade.

Once the trial is activated, the Tesla is able to drive itself on freeways and clearly marked roads.

Drivers are advised that they must still keep their hands on the wheel and be ready to take over at any time.

Enhanced Autopilot also includes Auto Parking and the Summon beta feature which allows drivers to move their car forward or backward with the Tesla app on their phone.

Once the 14-day trial comes to an end, drivers have the option of paying $7,700 to permanently upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot.

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