Samsung’s new A30 Smart Lock makes your fingerprint your front door key

Samsung is bringing the smart home experience to the front door with the new A30 Smart Lock which will allow users to keep their keys in their pocket and enter their home using their fingerprint.

Available from July 27, the Samsung A30 Smart Lock can be easily installed. Samsung says even a novice DIY enthusiast can install the lock with just a screwdriver.

Voice-guided set-up can step you through the whole along with an easy-to follow instruction video.

Now your fingerprint is your key which means you’ll never forget it and you don’t have to dig out keys from your pocket or bag to open the door.

It’s also helpful for parents who are concerned their children might not have locked the front door.

The Samsung A30 Smart Lock allows them to check through the app if the door is locked. And if it isn’t, it can be locked through the companion app.

But there is also an Auto Lock mode than can be set from 10s to 120s.

Once installed, the smart lock can even integrate with other smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to enable voice control.

But a lock is all about security and the Samsung A30 Smart Lock delivers with several safety and privacy features.

The Smart Lock works with either your fingerprint or a PIN code up to six digits or both.

If there are five failed authentication attempts the Lockout Mode kicks in and disables the keypad for three minutes.

Users can set a Privacy Mode which can prevent the door being unlocked from the outside.

There’s even a Randomizer Mode that can prevent someone guessing the entry code by any fingerprint marks left on the touchscreen.

Away Mode can be activated when you’re away and, if anyone attempts to open the door from the inside it will trigger an alarm.

Naturally being a smart product, there’s an app that also works hand in glove with the Samsung A30 to allow users to remotely unlock the door and share one-time entry codes for visitors and guests which makes it an ideal choice for holiday homes and AirBNB.

The app can also list the times and names of people who have entered and left your home.

“The A30 smart lock is the next step in creating a truly connected smart home that compliments the needs of busy Australian families,” said Daniel Kim, Global Marketing Manager, Samsung SDS.

“We know that people are looking for tech solutions that offer real value, solve real problems and make everyday life a bit easier. The A30 gives people one less thing to worry about.”

The Samsung A30 Smart Lock is powered by AA batteries which will last up to 18 months. And when the lock gets down to 30 per cent charge, it will issue a reminder for the batteries to be changed.

The Samsung A30 Smart Lock will be available from July 27 from Bunnings Warehouse and will be priced at $569.

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