Modern technology gives us many things.

Tiny Tower puts your laptop at a comfortable height to save your neck


There are a lot of laptop users who use their device as their main computer no matter where they are, but it’s not exactly good for your neck looking down at the screen. What helps is a laptop stand – just like the new Tiny Tower.

Tiny Tower is designed for users who spend hours in front of their laptop at work or at home including those road warriors and travellers who want to work in comfort.

Ergonomics is a term you hear when it comes to safe and comfortable use of a computer.

Now with the handy Tiny Tower you can achieve the same ergonomics with your laptop.

It can be adjusted to 17 different height levels so users can find the right level to ensure comfort and good posture.

When we use our laptop on our desk, we tilt our head which adds pressure to our neck according to the US medical journal Surgical Technology International.

The good news is Tiny Tower is really easy to set up and it folds down to a size slightly bigger than a DVD case.

The product has been really well-designed to unfold and pack away in seconds.

Tiny Tower is made from high-grade aluminium which means it’s durable and strong but really light.

It can handle laptops of all sizes and weights from 11-inch to 15-inch models with ease.

There are also adjustable arms that lock into place in three adjustable positions to keep the laptop secure and prevented from moving or slipping.

Tiny Tower is appropriately named because it has a smaller footprint than the laptop it is supporting.

This means there is more room to fit a keyboard and mouse to help you get work done.

Also available separately is a small zippered pouch which is large enough to carry the

Tiny Tower along with a wireless keyboard and mouse so you can keep all your essential items in one place.

Tiny Tower is available in four colours – gold, rose gold, space grey and silver – and is priced at $119 and can be purchased from