KitchenAid unveils its new portfolio of coffee machines

KitchenAid has expanded its impressive coffee machine portfolio so customers can bring the café culture into their very own home with the same precision and care as an expert barista.

The three new products are: the Siphon Coffee Brewer, Precision Press Coffee Maker and the Burr Grinder.

These devices join KitchenAid’s existing coffee products including the KitchenAid Espresso Machine and the Nespresso by KitchenAid.

These new KitchenAid products are for craft coffee lovers who like to grind and brew the coffee themselves to suit their own taste.


The Siphon Coffee Brewer is an attractive unit that puts on a little show in the brewing process.

It uses vapour pressure to create a vacuum and draw hot water from the carafe below up through a stainless steel tube into the upper brew unit, held in place with a magnetic locking seal, where the ground coffee is located.

The grounds are fully saturated with hot water to extract the full flavour before the desired temperature is reached and the coffee streams back through a filter back into the carafe ready to drink.

And in typical KitchenAid fashion, the brewer has a stylish design with glass and stainless steel accents.


Otherwise known as a plunger, Precision Press uses the French press method of coffee brewing to extract a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee.

The KitchenAid device has a built-in timer and scale within the carafe so you can accurately measure the coffee and water by weight rather than volume.

The carafe is then heated and the plunger is slowly pressed down, pushing the coffee grounds to the bottom.

The Precision Press is designed with dual wall stainless steel construction and can hold three cups of coffee and keep it at the right temperature – something a traditional French press glass carafe just can’t do.


No matter what type of coffee you’re making it demands a specific grind size to extract the flavour.

With the Burr Grinder, coffee lovers can now easily grind their coffee to the right size with a low RPM method that keeps heat to a minimum so the flavour of the bean is not lost.

There are 15 grind sizes to choose from depending on the type of coffee you’re brewing whether it’s Precision Press which requires a course grind, Siphon which uses medium-course or Espresso which requires finer ground coffee.

It is made from die cast metal and has a glass hopper and stainless steel cutting burrs.

The new KitchenAid coffee range is available now.








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